Tuesday, December 8

OnePlus X marvels

When OneplusOne came and after using for about 6 months, I used to wonder whether it will be only a one time story.

Over hype along with rather bland Oneplus 2 ending up in sloppy sales was disappointing I almost concluded that Oneplus indeed was Onetime wonder

While this episode was unraveling, there came a 5inch (these days mini) rumour. Poor show of 2, backlash of earlier hype wave etc made it a strong case for a stillborn mini Oneplus.

As predicted, it came with average specs, similar to 2 years old OneplusOne with a better screen, slightly better camera in a 5 inch form factor.

But it wasn't a game of specs sheet this time

#neversettle, OnePlus, chose to unsettle a different aspect and a major selling point of premium phones. Design aesthetics n quality.

Named X, it turned out to be a phone crafted out of sheer aesthetic abundance. Such level of intricate attention, seen and sold only by Apple.

X is for the segment whose need is moderate but goes for flagships because of high priority given to design aesthetics and finish. Where high processing power or endless features of Samsung note5 isn't needed but brought as it looks great. X is no snail either and performs as good as any early 2015 flagships.

OneX is sheer beauty and easily the best looking phone in market. From choice of material to details on the metal sides, everything is well thought and comes together to one slick phone that you can flaunt.

The only thing that goes against OneX is itself. It costs a mere 16k INR to get something that rivals even iPhone in aesthetic appeal.

A white X. Only China says CEO

X is truly another game changer from OnePlus. Over the next year, we can expect a sea change in built quality n material choices as a phone that costs mere 1/4th of a flagship has challenged them even on appeal.