Monday, November 2

The Nexa Experience by Suzuki : Its worth the effort

"Maruti Suzuki is like Parle. Its good old Parle G can never move beyond INR 5 a pack, but they finally got over the crisis by building brands like Hide-n-seek Milano sold at INR30 or 50 successfully."

Is it worth the effort?

Why Maruti failed in premium cars?


Maruti Suzuki's attempts on premium cars have all been a failure or just flash in pan success. While Swift/dezire brought in volumes, Suzuki couldn't even cash in on the premium hatchback segment lead by Hyundai and VW. Suzuki's attempts with SX4 and recent Ciaz lost track after the initial buzz. Great SUV the Grand Vitara failed so did a awesome Kizashi.

The is clear, the product isn't really the issue. Much more of a brand image. Even with master pieces like Swift (once premium), Suzuki got associated with the value for money, cheap to maintain car. I believe, the main contributor to this public mindset was the M800. They ran it too long and is still running under the guise of Alto and A-Star. 

Too many cheap cars on road, you wont wish to have your 20 Lakh INR machine share the same badge. Rebranding as pure Suzuki didn't do well either.There should be many (like me) who carry a soft corner for an indian brand. It would have been better to create or buy a new badge, just like all other manufacturers do when they faced the same situation. 

Last chance solution?

Experiment NEXA is brave. Nearest comparable strategy in India is VW + Skoda. Yet even those too are sold under the guise of separate companies, like GM does. (other than KTM/Kawasaki having sales chain unlinked from Bajaj). 

However, The "NEXA experience" offering is unique. Apart from separate premium lineup and delivery points, Suzuki is attempting a Lure + Pride pull with super luxury experience. 

Something expected from Luxury car makers.

I Appreciate the Risk taken by Suzuki, Its relentless attempts to be a worthy contender in the 10 to 25 Lac category. 

Suzuki has the cars and the tech, needs a shift in consumer perception  before the next premium sedan/SUV market gains traction.

The Launch vehicle

I did wish that NEXA would begin with Baleno. SX crossover is a great car, yet, for the general pubic, it relates to SX 4. Even the slightest feel, Similar underpinning or even relativity is a nightmare Brand managers. I feel, it was a bad choice to start with such a bold rebranding endeavour.

Redline it, NEXA