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Renault KWID : Gamechanger - spot on time and future cars

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Renault kWID Renault KWID
5 gears forward Manual only
Petrol, 3 cylinder Petrol, 800cc.
Renault Global small car platform
₹2,98k to ₹4, 04k top model option pack on road in Kerala. Gamechanger?

Renault had a tough time in India. Multiple attempts and misses, they almost packed up and like some implausible scenario, its cushy small SUV worked. Duster via Dacia clicked. An unlikely candidate for an Indian hit. Indian consumers are always associated with value conscious, traditional outlook and rather poor when its about embracing change.

Duster, yet, with its eye catchy (eye sore for some) design and lavish 5 seater profile (instead of a tight 8 seater) was an instant hit. It was like all the Scorpio buyers and Verna buyers at both ends of the market were till then forced to remain there due to the lack of a good 5 seater SUV.

True and the Golden Age of Compact SUV started, Renault, with minimal presence in India , just created a market segment that soon became the most important. Challenged by many, Duster still commands the best.

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its the time for the super frugal micro car market. Renault choose this fight with much thought. Long neglected under the belief that nothing more can be done and that people are aspirational enough to avoid the entry segment and directly enter the small car segment at Ritz or i10 price factor. Few years back, Chevy Beat rewrote the norms for that segment with radical design and loads of tech unheard off even in sedan segment. 

Renault's KWID has the same approach for the lean low end. Managing near Nano pricing while not loosing out on any of the aspirational value or quality, nearly 5 years after first Nano was introduced. It's indeed an achievement as a World Car, not just for India where safety standards are non existent.

Lot changed between the first Nano and today. Current low design costs and frugal manufacturing when combined with deeper reliability or reliance on electronics = KWID, infact exiting car at great pricing.

KWID designed with near 100% localisation, leveraging high on material choice, latest structural design tech and mechanics, have managed to keep its weight at size 0. Add to that a pure electronics based engine and info management system, you have enough power to shave off one cylinder and make it a 3 cylinder engine, mated well enough to stand guard.

Kwid entry segment model price at TVM - thanks

Kwid mid segment model price at TVM - thanks
Kwid top model price at TVM - thanks
Top Model price inroad TVM

logistics lets cash in on Accessories
The level of customised offering and ability to choose and have delivered products online, thanks to the maturity of e-commerce logistics also sees its presence in KWID. While Auto makers have long been offering customisation online, KWID takes it to the next level with more than 60 types to choose from and the list looks promising. carWale

As we See

I would say, Nano was just was ahead of times. With some learning from Renault, even Nano can have a second chance.

The real impact of advances in computing power or electronics are yet to come to the auto world. with capability of our cell phone processors to do billions of math a second, real world inputs changing engine and even mechanical performance will be revolution. 

The days of efficient cylinders management currently seen in super cars will be on our small commute cars that will seamlessly switch between fuels and even pure momentum based on traffic signal input. The same commute car stiffening up its suspension and revs changing at the exact moment while you are in a spirited mode and safety condition are clear, 

What a world to come by

Maruti Suzuki spending  billions on NEXA range of premium offerings while Renault themselves dives into poor market, instead of using Dacia or Datsun

Who will Triumph?