Saturday, November 14

OnePlus heading the Apple way. Will they make it

Oneplus from beginning have been keen at remaining delinked from the rest of the Android OEMs, both the numerous cheap Chinese brands and even the major brands.

They did it by a much disliked invite system, which actually served their strategic purpose of remaining beyond the mediocre android market even while selling at a very cheap price tag. A class orchestra of creating Oneplus fans, brilliant stealth marketing all combined with a refined Oneplus One which even had a shipping box that exuded the Apple feel. 

It worked. However, OnePlus2 wasn't enough of a product for all the hype to work and it backfired.

Oneplus, yet, made a quick comeback with a sleek Oneplus X which by far seem to be the best by OnePlus and among the finest built phones ever seen. Concentrating on appeal and usability, Oneplus is trying to create an experience. 

Every aspect of their moves points towards becoming an Apple. 

Website content is one way we can see how companies wish to present their devices. As full packed feature lists or the vast emptiness of white and grey that talks more than the feature set. 

below are some screen shots of Apple and OnePlus and its apparent how close Oneplus is when it comes to Apple like aesthetics. Meanwhile The stunner smartphone of the year sony z5 website looks like its behind by 2 years. 

With OSX El captain, it was rather easy to compare but rendering was an issue

Both have a floating lavish representation, creating a feel of abundance, naturally tuning our mindsets to perceive the brands accordingly 

In contrast, the 4k super phone from Sony has a rather stiff look. Infact the screenshot above shows the better part of the website which otherwise is cluttered. When compared to the below opening page of iPhone page or even the cheap Oneplus X, the state of the art Sony z5 looks ancient. 

We are actually perceiving the otherwise elegant z5 as an old model purely on representation, including the image used inside the phone too. 

If the Sony market strategy team cant even get the website to communicate the right message, what can they do with commercials and other channels do to build excitement. 

Its pretty much clear that only OnePlus is trying the grounds' up model of building a brand that could one day be iconic.