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Nexa Baleno : A Beauty that Suzuki took time to built

Maruti Suzuki Baleno - Beauty and Mettle

 Or Should I call it NEXA Baleno or Suzuki Baleno NEXA?
Whatever be on its tail badge, Its a beauty.
Suzuki's first Indian offering that deserves a relook ever since Swift took India by storm last decade. After a long time of errors, Suzuki made something that finally feels complete.

baleno-suzuki-inside-apple-air-playEven more glad, Maruti Suzuki decided to keep it as a Hatchback itself, the way it was designed for International market and naturally a NEXA Exclusive. Baleno indeed has that seductive lure. Its devoid of the overworked gimmicks of Korean i20 or the rather strange Fiat Punto. Baleno returns with simple elegance that compliments its purpose.

Its a premium hatchback (for India) and does share both the mettle and technology and can boast about being a worthy Champion. While power figures given in @kw are rather confusing these days, rest assured, Baleno is a perfect balance of surety, safety and style. Add to that, the trusted DDIS engines and the new CVT Automatic transmission, the Baleno is relaxed. Along with Apple play and a neat equipment list, this one seem to turn the heavy traffic of Mumbai into a 2 hour Spa session.

Not to say S-Cross is bad, yet, Baleno was the perfect match to the uber luxury NEXA Experience. I didn't see any NEXA badging on the car, wonder whether there will be a NEXA badging or was the press documents made for international market.

It is quite interesting scenario though: "my town has around 5 Maruti dealers yet I cant get to see the Baleno"! Thats quite a bit enticing too.

More on the car itself,

  • Love the soft yet strong looks
  • Apple play already have brought me a Baleno
  • The Cockpit is real fun
  • The revised platform and components means a safer Suzuki
  • The very trusted Engines
  • While high on quality, it seems too low on quantity of equipment level
  • Meant for few customers, limited access, you wont see much on roads

Overall I would give it a 3.5, but then Apple play + stay hatchback makes it a 4.

Looking forward to real cars from NEXA range, hopefully a real evolved Gypsy/Jimmy to start with, a smaller pocket rocket and then a real sedan.

Suzuki Nexa Baleno - by

4/ 5stars

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Suzuki Nexa