Monday, November 16

Blocks Modular wristwatch where smartness lies in the wristband - Gamechanger

BLOCKS The Game-changer. 

A Watch you will need. Not just wish or want. And its Smart!

The idea behind swappable modules in wrist band, makes this smart watch the real first concept that makes sense for the general market.

While smartwatches, even from Apple didn't seriously make sense other than fashion statement, 

BLOCKS opens a wide and endless set of possibilities

Now, you can have a car that really doesn't need a key, just a module from manufacturer. 

Now you can leave your smartphone in car, while you park by a road side cafe or even totally leave it home on weekends. 

It lets you eliminate carrying even more stuff. 

Now I see Internet of things falling into place. 

Just a watch!!!!!!.

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The Internet certainly is gaga!, Go support next revolution.