Saturday, November 14

Apple Experience : why others need to learn

Logic behind Apple . Its Simple

Take the case of smartphones, 
We don't know what, how or but, yet
  1. All of us know, a lot of unknown stuff goes behind the screen when our smart phones do their job
  2. Maybe 50% of us know, a lot of unknown much deeper in things called processors and then these things called wifi, LTE and etc. 
  3. Many of us know, wifi LTE etc connect to something called internet and cloud and a lot goes behind as we waste time on FB or enjoy crisp streaming HD.
  4. Some of us know further, or at-least have thought further. Its an even bigger hell, rather Hades itself, for those youtube servers are giant data centers 
  5. A very few of us know or even thought of the complexity, its a great indian rope trick, to deliver the smooth experience that we expect each time we hit the youtube or Apple music Play.

We don't know what, and yes, we leave it there. All that matters is what happens in front of us!

We don't think about what happens behind the works? Do we?
While watching a movie, a grand dinner, or even sports. We just note the experience. 

Consumer technology space is ruled by exactly the same experience factor.

No Wonder, why only Apple can entice people to spend like choosing a exotic private island, while the rest of the lot feel like cheap twin sharing vacations no matter how good the deal is.

Simple from start to end, it begins from the website itself

So we have the answer. The end experience.

If the end experience is great then like a movie super star, or Uber Dinner place, the Brand value factor jumps exponentially. Till date Apple has managed to keep the high on experience, hence Apple rules. A bad experience from a superstar brand is equally damaging. Like the Nokia or now bleeding Samsung. So both ways its the end experience that matters. Brand value determines how high you climb or fall. 

But some great movies are made sans superstars or create superstars and there are vacations that be an experience unexpected and enjoyed pocket friendly too. Enter Oneplus and Xiaomi. Xiaomi is the new samsung

alike apple from website to even feel of the shipment box

OnePlus has a bigger goal. Kinda moon shot. deliver an experience instead of a phone. a.k.a Apple. It lost direction in Oneplus 2 and I had lost hopes. But the comeback is stunning. OnePlus X is a clear example of the way they are positioning. Speaking of limited edition 28 day ceramic back, craftsmanship, very Apple style talk. Even on the OS front they have moved away from the heavy customisation skin to a ease of use formulae 

oneplus logo

Once a while a Hero has to rise.