Wednesday, October 14

Nexus 6p: indeed lucky not to use Oneplus2 invites

What a disaster Oneplus2 ended up as!

The hyped flagship killer managed to kill one flagship phone, Itself, The Oneplus 2. I wonder how Oneplus will recover from this flop as its fanbase invite propelled sales wont work the next time.

Skipped all OnePlus2 invites after the rumours of a Nexus launch with hopes for 2013 Nexus 5 update. It turned true with a neat piece of hardware named 5x and packed with all the new features in a handy form factor and decent price tag.

Along came an updated 6 (6 felt like made and priced for none buys it. Heading to Sammy warning with Tizen). The 6p (p for premium) is a real powerhouse (p for performance) and priced sensible (sammy has lost its might and bite)

Both 5x and 6p launch brought a smile on my face, for, I had skipped those Oneplus2 invites when it was still going strong. But now, the wait for Nexus 6p starts!

pro TLH: OnePlus 2 : Lucky, I didn't get a launch week invi...: OnePlus 2 : Lucky, I didn't get a launch week invite  When regular invite queue for Oneplus 2 opened, I was late by a few hour...