Saturday, October 3

Inbox by Gmail - It makes sense

At first, Inbox by Gmail remained a question mark. Why a new one? Months into intro, now open to all, Inbox by Gmail now looks like the next phase of e-mail. 

Gmail itself was a revolution. At a time when free cloud or social networks was still a pipe dream, Gmail enabled us to share and store memories and remain social. But, it took just 10 years for e-mail as such to become irrelevant. Role of our gmail mailbox has reduced into a rarely opened box of our bills, confirmations and password resets (and spam). 


Inbox by Gmail is about accepting this change

screenshot - 6 emails clubbed and displayed as a simple infographic
Inbox by Gmail is an attempt to extract useful data from the multitude of emails we receive each day and display it in a easy to understand visual representation.

Call it machine learning, deep learning, neural networks or whatever, 2 flight itineraries and a simple email from hotel manager was enough for Inbox to display it as below. 

screenshot - 6 emails clubbed and displayed as a simple infographic

Soon, a click on the finance icon might reveal our spending pattern, debt and investments in a visual easy to understand way, rather than a list of emails from credit cards, banks and mutual funds. 

With tighter integration with Google services, Inbox by Gmail along with Google Now could throw up all sorts of data in a visual format and some of it may revolutionise the way we live. Just like Gmail 10years back.