Monday, October 12

A relook at MotoG first Gen

Motorola G (first gen) emerged winner among phones in my household in getting the Android 6 Marshmallow update, even before Nexus 5! While My Sammy A7 still living in a kitkat world and Oneplus One bricked

Never expected the first gen MotoG to get a Marshmallow treatment. MotoG doesn't even have a gyroscope, forget the newer ones. Even Google camera doesn't provide a photosphere mode in MotoG 1. Having bare minimal hardware, behind the curve with 2 subsequent releases and no longer on sale, I wonder why Motorola worked on an update for its old phone while nearly all manufacturers place all emphasis on updating current and future launches. My samsung A7 still haven't received a lollipop update yet.

This Marshmallow update made me look back at how our phones are performing. Comparing relative performance across android devices including ones used by friends n colleagues, adjusted to age and price factors, MotoG surprisingly emerged the best, while being the cheapest. Till then, what remained as a dual sim basic smartphone for home, turned out to be a Gem of a phone. 

Acquired in 2013, on jelly bean, updated to Kitkat versions, Lollipop versions and now Marshmallow. What more can one ask for from a device brought at around INR12k.

Kudos Motorola, for sharing the same love to older models too. Motorola is worthy of an "awesome work guys", Just for making those greyscale notifications work without all the sensors that Android 6 depends on for inputs. 

Apart from having a nearly vanilla UI, Motorola has got something right and perfect, that lets it provide updates quick and across multiple generations of the same device. Faster than Nexus itself. Thats something Sammy and others should learn or work out. 

While this old MotoG can switch in between users with no lag or drain on battery, the super sexy Galaxy A7 brought just a few months ago has slowed down to snail pace even while running on single sim, minimal data and no apps that can eat up all the memory and processing limits.

The MotoG has shown no signs of ageing even compared to my Nexus 5 (little older though), with perfect call clarity and battery life. 

Motorola and this MotoG has changed my whole perception of performance vs money. While Nexus 5 showed the way and Oneplus One proving that good phones can be cheap, Motorola had taken it to a new level being priced at 1/3rd the cost of a Nexus during launch time. 

MotoG proves that real life performance is much more than packing ram, just like Apple. Again, it also proves that Android as such can perform on minimal hardware when executed well. 

Moto, now with Lenovo, seem to be making a real good comeback with all its recent launches doing good at price vs expectations in each segment. For India, all that Motorola now need is a larger repair and service network.

But, Not all cheap phones are like motoG.