Sunday, August 16

Q&A: smartphone cameras better to learn photography

Got some awesome photographers in my circle and I often join them in action. As they go about setting up equipment and wait, my curiosity naturally revolved around the camera and the man.

infographic: 3 points to improve your smartphone camera skills

best out of cellphone camera
On advice, i have been playing around within the limits of a smartphone camera

1. Should I get a camera gear of my own? 

No! Not now
Getting a formula 1 car doesn't solve your problems, nor does a G wagon. You still need to have the skills and experience the environment, whether its a race track or off-road. 

Apart from having creative or artistic elements, or learning the science, you need to experiment . If you haven't tried extracting the best aspects of your smartphone camera, how are you going to even touch the manual mode on a dSLR?

The dSLR wont suddenly enhance your skill levels. You still will be shooting poorly composed pics that just have much more detail. You may even end up disappointed as the flaws will be much more evident. 

2. So when does an pic become Art?

As an art, its about expression. letting a single frame tell the story. Iconic photographs let us visualise an entire era in that single frame. Some let us peep into the future while a great portrait captures an entire personality. No wonder we call it an Image.

3. What about landscape photography or magazines?

Landscapes or anything subject can be Art. Its a fine line between Art and descriptive photographs. Great wildlife photographs or exotic locations, captured with great difficulty at that perfect moment gives us those wow goosebumps. But until the image can be more than the event itself, it remains only as a great pic. And that applies to all types of photographs. 

4. digital enhancements?

There is nothing wrong in digital enhancement. The photographer wishes to represent his perspective and has the liberty to use any tool available to do so. The tools, if available in the past, say in 1920s, would have been certainly used then too. While purists have their own self imposed constraints like only using film, no filters etc, an Artist has the liberty to mix and match any tool to attain his goal. 

Finally, the photograph (the lines are blurring) is judged by what is conveys and not how it was shot. 

5. What should I do to get one great shot?

First, Open your eyes. Explore your smartphone camera, experiment to find what it is good at. Then learn to frame. Finally Play with lights and shadows.

This is a part of many questions that I keep asking my abled friends and the answers represent a combination of their views.