Tuesday, August 25

Oneplus 2 - impressions and What went wrong

- What went wrong

During the launch hype, I did try to get hold of an invite for OnePlus 2.
Over the first week, test reports masked the negatives as "this is a pre-release version" (free phone, dinner and much more)
2nd week, real reviews and comparisons concluded that 2 is just a tad better Oneplus 1. While stuff like NFC, QuadHD didn't matter to me, Camera does matter.

OnePlus dedicated a whole page on the website for camera with 6element lens, OIS, Laser focus, bigger pixel sensor and fast shots. But in real life, even with the supercharged processing speed, the camera just doesn't deliver.

camera samples at tech buffalo

camera samples at GSM Arena

OnePlus 2 thus ends up as a good buy only for the money. It failed in every respect to be called flagship killer.
Rating : 3.0

Price : 24,999. By at Amazon Invite only

So What went wrong?

  1. #hype went overboard on an already high expectation device
  2. Just a 1 in Metal body and glossy marketing
  3. NFC omission was un-necessary and fingerprint seems to be a last minute addition
  4. Oxygen OS didn't turn out to be a game-changer like the Oneplus 1
  5. They should have brought a better camera tech

Oneplus 2 was no way an engineering challenge, so those brilliant engineers were working on something else. A new device?