Tuesday, August 11

ALPHABET - Google finds its parent

Google's new mother ship

The news of a certain " ALPHABET " reducing " Google " to a mere G was a jaw dropper. 

Google got parents

Can be termed as typically Google,  turning things upside down, unconventional roots and etc.etc.. Yet, its unbelievably crazy for a super successful company to down-shift its core brand during a business re-jig. Bold move, BOLD 

As unconventional Google can be, instead of naming itself as the parent company with x y z babies,  Google created a parent for itself! Awesomely named ALPHABET,  the Google we live with is now just a G among the larger plans. Others to join the party include V for Venture, C for Calico, L for life sciences, W for wings drone and the X-Labs. 

new icon for google
Google reduced to G

The new G gets its best man Sundar Pichai to focus as the new CEO, while the founders will pilot the ALPHABET mothership. Its first missions must be on Google's energy investments, hunt with Ventures while also incubating Cars, wings, life and whatever else that bubbles out of xlabs. 

Saying Google is just a G in the equation, though subtle in style, is a loud signal to its investors and analysts that its plans are beyond mere moonshots, its encompassing the whole universe. 

The Markets must be buzzing, while I wonder, from where on earth did Google get the idea of ALPHABET. It sort of connects everything google like beads on a thread. Perfect!

And an equally cool domain name. abc.xyz

Somehow I feel today is Apr1.