Thursday, July 30

Samsung Galaxy A7 - surprisingly good

Galaxy A7 perspective view
Samsung Galaxy A7 : courtesy GSMarena
As a mid segment phone, I presumed to be a weak on performance though packed with all goodies. But an evening at Burj Khalifa changed the whole perspective.

First, seeing the Burj Khalifa upfront and close was a jaw dropping. With an elegant design disguising all its size, it appears like a needle piercing the sky. Many hobby photographers including my brother had gathered for the evening.

I too joined the click party and the Galaxy A7 camera performance was a pleasant surprise. The Burj turned out to be a good test subject as the ambient light available dropped along its height.

shots taken with Galaxy A7

That led to a relook pushing it to the limits. Summing up my user experience over the last 2 months,

The good

  • Gorgeous 1080p screen
  • Better than expected camera performance. (to compare, Oneplus One camera was a disaster)
  • Great battery life & no overheating issues
  • Light weight and the metal body has a premium feel
  • Has LTE, yet to try.

The bad

  • Samsung apps and services eats up most of the 2GB RAM
  • Still running Kitkat 4.4.4
  • Touchwiz and basic apps feels cumbersome and outdated
  • rear speaker makes it muted when lying over soft surfaces

Galaxy A7 is a very capable performer and a vfm deal at INR 26,000.
And it comes in Gold too!

Burj Khalifa taken on a Samsung galaxy a7

Burj Khalifa at night shot on galaxy a7