Thursday, July 23

juxtapose - a dead shrub and fresh paddy

Juxtapose - cycle of life n death
Juxtapose - cycle of life n death

Got lucky to get this shot while on train passing through Kuttanadu. A dead shrub in the backdrop of fresh paddy. Felt like a metaphor for the cycle of birth to death. 

Known as the rice bowl of Kerala or the granary, Kuttanadu is the largest paddy fields collective in Kerala and also famed for the quality of rice. 

paddy fields of kuttanad
While Paddy has have been abandoned in most parts of kerala, the community efforts along with local governance bodies in adopting collective farming model helps kuttanadu keep costs low and remain viable. Techniques like aquaponics have been in practise here for centuries.

Canals of Kuttanadu
The place is also a tourist hotspot for its interconnected channels for navigation. There are barely any roads and people live by the water channels and use canoes to commute.