Sunday, June 21

Sony: can a hygiene wash ur phone campaign sell phones?

can a hygeine or hand sanitiser style campaign really sell phones

Sony is either busy winding up businesses or on full dope.

The new dirty secret campaign is pretty interesting, though it kinda builds an impression that "waterproof" is the only key differentiator for its smart phone lineup. 

The hygiene campaign looks great and could have done well in launching a new hand wash or sanitiser gel, but a phone? 

Wonder why Sony isn't leveraging its assets like Cybershot, walkman or even PS. 

Sony Erricson was successful in using both Cybershot and Walkman! 

Sony phones would have done great under Vaio which already was an aspirational brand. Instead, they end up selling the brand itself. 

Now they are banking on tap water washing to rescue Sony mobiles? Insane!

The campaign seems India specific with Indian Rupee currency notes featured in the main page.  

Check out their dirty secret and germ-o-meter here at M4Aqua