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Siddhartha Lal : An Iconoclast in the making

Siddhartha Lal : An Iconoclast in the making



a person who attacks established or traditional concepts, principles,laws, etc
Derived Forms
iconoclastic, adjective iconoclastically, adverb

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When Siddhartha Lal took over Royal Enfield, it was junk, ordered to shut down and the demise of a legendary brand was emminent.

A decade and half later, Royal Enfield is back, all guns blazing and its grand legacy intact

Sid as popularly known, did have his failures, be it initial brand positioning attempts and meaningless product lineup. 

Sid : Iconoclast

But as a true iconoclast, he dared to stay, and swim against the current set by smooth japenese bikes. With the right crew, hiring the right shops, the new Bullet came 100% true to its classic roots yet reliable as any other Indian bike.

Banking on biker-hood and riding culture, he was hands on in the job of reviving RE 's cult status. Turning Bullet into God.

The classic, Thunderbird and then came the best RE ever, the Continental GT. It was coming of age for the now India based Royal Enfield.

Now at the Helms of an ailing Eicher, Sid in typical iconoclastic style have spot an opportunity and has struck hard on it.

With Eicher Polaris Multix

Enter the Multix. A super compact do all vehicle for rural India. But the 'do all' goes way beyond other UVs have even thought of. Multix can transform into a power generator or a irrigation water pump.

Coupling with Polaris for their sturdy all terrain chassis and  tuning in a 500cc greaves deisel unit, Multix is actually paying road legal homage to the famous punjabi 'great Indian jugaad': the multi purpose  cart that runs on a water pump.

Priced at sub 3lakh, targeted directly at the end user, Sid has answered the need of a million medium size farmers and small businessmen. Obliterating the need for hiring a one tonne pickup + pump + generator to irrigate and manage orchards and dry fields.

Sid's move again is untested, unconventional and yet suprisingly simple.

During summers I often see these 1.0 tonne pickups loaded with a 1k ltr water tank and pump + generator for water supply. But the total cost of those pickups mostly exceeds 5 lakh and aren't really strong enough.

Maybe Sid too saw one during his road trips and acted on it quick. And like the GT, he went to the right shops for chassis and engines and quick to the market.

Sid and his team has pulled off a land mark feat. It is the first vehicle that answers the needs of today's farmer and small businessman.

Certainly an Iconoclast in the making. A man worthy of following