Saturday, June 20

Multix from eicher Polaris : what rural India wanted

Eicher - Polaris Multix - GameChanger  for rural India

Eicher Polaris Multix compact utility vechicle for rural India portal
Perfect for the new Indian farmer

Eicher Polaris spotted the missing link between farmer / rural businessmen and the current offerings of 4 wheeled light/micro multi purpose vehicle lineup from the likes of Mahindra , Tata and Bajaj.

Averaging below 2 hectares, Indian farm holdings are too small with farmers having to rely on hiring the current crop of .75 to 1 tonne utility vehicles. 

The Eicher Polaris Multix with its compact yet sturdy built from Polaris is the perfect form factor for Indian rural farmer / businessman and by including a built in power generator and water pump, it just became the compact MUV that rural India ever wanted. With a bit more power, it would have replaced the orchard tractor too. 

Addressing the core issues faced by Indian farmer,  off-road mobility, utility space, on demand power and water pump, and priced sub 3 lakh with a fuel efficiency of near 28 kmpl diesel, MULTIX has gone straight to the end user with a compelling product.

Straight to the end user and family infact. Winner it is!

*This is like a startup killing the slumbering giants of tech  industry. Rest will soon redraw their rural utility vehicle concepts.

*images courtesy motoroid