Tuesday, June 23

Design trends - minimalism is now grayscale too

Minimal will remain in style for another year

For business websites, going wafer thin and minimal with light weight drops for additional info seem to be the flavour of the season.

minimal greyscale apple webpage www.protlh.com
Grayscale skeletal design 

Checked out the new #Apple Store websites and the whole theme has gone even more minimal. Rather Skeletal. 

Apart from retaining their less uncluttered feel, the move to Greyscale for most of the text and icons have added a certain strength or solidity to the feel.

It translates to an impression of "clear, I know what I am doing and how well", crisp greyscale & "authority" concept for Apple store clearly works in Apple's flavour

crisp clean and authoritarian apple webpage www.protlh.com
Crisp, clean and authoritarian text

The Interesting bit is, a month back, I had a new set of the good old business cards printed and it looks inspired by Apple.