Tuesday, June 23

BULLETISM: Chasing the Bullet

Chris Zahner : Filmmaker, explorer and now Royal Enfield addict

Artist, filmmaker and traveller Chris Zahner, was introduced to Bulletism (a religion on its own) jus some years back(2011). It soon grew on him and ending up in India to focus on a documentary based on RE and its affair with Indian Junta.

Living d Enfield life in India, Chris has been working on a documentary : ‪#‎CHASINGTHEBULLET‬, an attempt to capture the essence of this legend

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In Chris Zahner's words,

“The legacy of Royal Enfield has been carried on by the hands of many. For generations it has woven itself into the cultural fabric of India."

Don't miss his website PrometheanLiver for some real  content, capturing the Royal Enfield way of life from varied perspectives. 

However, as a Bootstrapped project, he is now short on funds to complete the film. 

We humbly request our fellow Enfield lovers to chip in, as little as $1, via kickstarter

for, Its our story too

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