Sunday, June 21

As I See: A close encounter with a infant King Cobra

As I see : A Close encounter

Witnessed a baby Cobra (little more than a hatchling) being rescued from the busy Kollam railway station and the handler let it rest on top of his UV at a cool place away from the crowd. The snake was weary from the drama at the rail station and seemed thankful to relax atop the UV, which coincidently was a old #nationalgeographic 's #landrover !

 Worth a photograph, the image turned out well though shot on a cheap Sammy A7

A rescued baby cobra resting atop a land rover
A rescued baby cobra resting atop a land rover

Glad that snakes are respected and rarely killed in Kerala. There is always a snake specialist willing to risk his life to rescue and a active forest department ready to find a new home for the guest.

In this case it was one Mr. Murugan who safely rescued the nervous snake and awaiting forest officials to hand over the animal.

#kerala, It's worth the moniker 'Gods own country'.