Friday, May 29

Royal Enfield Super exclusive edition : Flexing its GOD Status

royal enfield 2015 jul 15 special edition
made like a gun, God to millions

Super exclusive editions comes out rarely. Very rarely and only from the most iconic of the iconic brands.

Royal Enfield is a stellar brand. None dare question. 

Finally RE is opening into its century old heritage (pristinely aged in a priceless cellar) to bring in a super special edition only for a chosen few of its die hard lovers.

200 builds each (of its most loved bullet500, genre despatch/patrol bike) , in hand crafted, cameo painted color combos of Indian desert storm, Squadron Blue and the export only Military green along with leather goodies associated with WWII despatch bikes. Available online on Jul 15th. 

2015 special edition royal enfield : Indian Desert storm
each piece unique

The most striking part of this story is, RE chose to announce this at the heart of Dilli and  India, the Khan Market, instead of its favourite and generally super brand super favourite locale of London.

Was it a " advantage #MakeInIndia " move?

The Online sales only decision is a definite way forward. We soon expect RE to start offering online mod options for bookings done at offline dealer points.

Great job RE

However, this also leaves much room for a London launch of its much rumoured adventure sports bike or the twin!

Royal Enfield LOGO - new small
keep it coming.

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