Sunday, March 15

The new MacBook : Yet again a detour

Its Gold

The new MacBook is yet again a detour from Industry standards. Rather than an upgrade of specs, MacBook lost it along with weight but gained on pricing. Now that is defying economics.

With just one charging port/USB-C, Its a bold move. Apple do have a history of forcing consumers to change, be it the touch only iPhone or the no optical drive, this Macbook will force us onboard the wireless train. MacBook is a better Chrome Pixel, finally time for the Cloud centric laptops. By year-end, Windows cousins will be decked up to match the no ports Apple tuxedo. 

Apple knows all the tricks on premium placement. Its repeat blockbuster hits were managed with such great skill that even after scaling up into multimillions of devices, it still continues to remain the biggest aspirational brand. 

2015 MacBook is one super costly Netbook that everybody wants to sport at the coffee bar. More of a fashion accessory.

And It comes in Gold