Saturday, March 21

Royal Enfield goes for a swim

#Caferacer at the beach - Splash time

After crossing many lagoon pools and wading along the sea line, we attempted a rather ambitious #swim. 

To cut through a long stretch of shallow water instead of going around it. 

Royal Enfield Continental GT Dhanushkodi
on danushkodi lagoon sands during low tide

But, unlike the earlier stretches, this one held a thick layer of soft and greasy seaweed sediments. Worse than clay. My #REContinentalGT lost traction within 10 feet. 
The sea won!

RE GT stuck in seaweed
The Sea always wins

While I waited for my fellow Royal Enfield riders to tie up ropes to pull me out, I remembered an old advice for 4x4.

"if u r wading, first walk the stretch. Even if you can see the floor, walk the stretch."

So true, i could see a rather clean brown floor and assumed it to be sand. One walk and all the mess would have been averted. 

The Big single cylinder did manage to get out of the mess, with some help off course, and we did have our share of fun again.

-That's Deception by Nature-

Sunday, March 15

The new MacBook : Yet again a detour

Its Gold

The new MacBook is yet again a detour from Industry standards. Rather than an upgrade of specs, MacBook lost it along with weight but gained on pricing. Now that is defying economics.

With just one charging port/USB-C, Its a bold move. Apple do have a history of forcing consumers to change, be it the touch only iPhone or the no optical drive, this Macbook will force us onboard the wireless train. MacBook is a better Chrome Pixel, finally time for the Cloud centric laptops. By year-end, Windows cousins will be decked up to match the no ports Apple tuxedo. 

Apple knows all the tricks on premium placement. Its repeat blockbuster hits were managed with such great skill that even after scaling up into multimillions of devices, it still continues to remain the biggest aspirational brand. 

2015 MacBook is one super costly Netbook that everybody wants to sport at the coffee bar. More of a fashion accessory.

And It comes in Gold

Wednesday, March 11

will we miss d USB ? macbook 2015

USB? Whats that!

MacBook 2015

MacBook 2015 is a beauty. The perfect Macbook Air just got better. Stunning and well crafted, easily a jewellery.

But for all its appeal, Apple sacrificed one of the most important pieces of hardware that we use everyday. The USB port.

Macbook sports a single future ready USB-C and a headphone jack as physical ports . No additional USBs, No HDMI, LAN and optical drive (anyways extinct).

Cant connect an USB stick while charging!, is overwhelming. But on a second thought, it is whole lot sensible

I never had a use for HDMI ports on my Acer other than first week novelty. So were the LAN cards. Never felt short when I started using macbook air as my main machine.
With external storage on the home network or cloud, I barely use the USB ports on my Air, just for charging. 
The use for the ubiquitous pen-drive has reduced to copying music for my car. Only a few would now be using USB storage drives for work. For most of us all the data is now in the cloud. 
I don't even use face time or skype on my Air anymore.
The cloud and wireless have altered the way we carry and consume data. With central storage, connected home entertainment and work happening in cloud, the general purpose laptop was out of place.

MacBook is the new general purpose notebook. Its what the ChromeBook aimed for. Apple did it and others will have to follow. 

Have Apple has stretched a bit too far on pricing? Not at all