Monday, February 9

Royal Enfield : why we love?

Love and self expression 

Belonging to the town with the highest concentration of Royal Enfields: Kollam, Kerala, none question my worship of the Bullet

But that doesn't mean I love REs only because I was raised among Bullets. So, I do keep looking for better explanations. 

One key reason why Men (all gender :-)) love Royal Enfield should be its simple yet for a lifetime built (offcourse made like a gun). The rider connects and the Bullets become a piece of identity and self expression. 

That is why we love to tinker with our Enfield. 

This is Brent Giesbrecht and his Royal Enfield 500. A clutterless endearing work of Art, which, unlike many custom builds, can go everywhere the stock can.

Check this link at Pipeburn on how Brent turned the already classic RE into a personal statement. 

I love it