Sunday, December 7

The awakening ( God of War ) : new title coming 2015 PS4

Kratos prevails
The Next GOW : Will kratos meet his nemesis

Via an interview with Santa Monica Studio, IGN confirms that God of War franchise is hot priority and that we can expect the new title over fall 2015.

Further,  the new title will not be a prequel or a rework of existing titles. well a full fledged ps4 rework will cost as much as a new title and more importantly, wasting great talent on rework makes no sense.

Such a good news to know the series will remain alive.

Eager to know how Santa Monica will weave a story that is in continuum with last titles. 

With no prequel, no rework, and Kratos already has slain his strong rivals and left Olympus empty. Who will be the target this time. Even furies are dead, Kratos might fancy the Primordial Gods this time.

I can think of just a bored Kratos diving directly from the top palace of olympus, looking for an adventure.


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A full GOD OF WAR franchise (including those released on handhelds) upscaled and enhanced for PS4 + 4k display will be a great collectors edition release.