Sunday, December 7

Kratos : GOW: Plot guess for 2015 - a new God of War

kratos God of War and ghost of sparta
Ghost of sparta

God of War , Kratos now reign supreme and unchallenged

With possibility of prequel and rework of previous releases being ruled out, how would Santa Monica Studios weave a storyline that remains true to the KRATOS persona!

Kratos have finished all the Gods and even the furies. what could be a few likely options to take the game forward

Option 1:  A new series set in a very different time

With a new Lead character and set at a different epoch, The Gods and Titans can be brought back. But creating a new God of War character would be a huge risk. A God of War title without Kratos could face instant rejection.

God of War Kratos close up eyes

Its Kratos, that both fans and casual players relate to. Doesnt matter whether he is or not the current God of War, Only Kratos can pull the new series.

Santa Monica will have to create a warrior story 10x more interesting and a character that over shadows the Kratos attitude to even think about scripting a title without Kratos.

We can rule out any chances of a God of War title without Kratos himself in lead. 

GOW kratos remains unchallenged

What other options does Santa Monica Have?


Note: if ever someone stumbles on this page and actually read it till here, I salute, for these figment of imagination 10 minute posts , doesnt make me laugh even if I consider it as a satire or veiled snub or watever