Sunday, December 7

God of War | Nemesis | 2015 plot

KRATOS, now supreme, reigns Olympus. All Gods fallen

Santa Monica Studio recently confirmed that the God of War series will continue and remains prime to the studios future productions. IGN confirms that the new title won't be a prequel nor a rework of existing titles. 

With no one worthy to challenge, no prequel and rework ruled out, who remains to face the wrath of Kratos?

How will Santa Monica weave a fresh storyline without changing the current status quo and not interfering with the "Kratos Quotient" ?

Kratos: All destroyed, yet guilt haunts him 

Got any clue?

Just scribbling through, praying that Santa Monica won't introduce a new God of War, i got 3 silly ways that story can move forward in absence of Gods n Titans with Kratos as central figure. in continuum to current position
Option 1 : A brand new God of War story set at different time
Option 2 : Time Traveling genius
Option 3 : The hunter becomes the Hunted


Note: if ever someone stumbles on this page and actually read it till here, I salute, for these figment of imagination 10 minute posts , doesnt make me laugh even if I consider it as a satire or veiled snub or watever