Monday, December 8

God of War | KRATOS | Nemesis for 2015?

dare look at my eyes ; kratos god of war
Kratos : Dare look at me
Kratos | meet his match

Sony Santa Monica studio confirmed that God of War franchise remains prime and the next one will not be a prequel nor a rework of existing titles. 

Kratos represents the pinnacle of an ultimate warrior. A mortal who defied death and hell and rose to being God, slain the rest and now remain invincible.

That opens up the question of how the story moves ahead when Kratos reign supreme with all Gods of Olympus either dead or hiding. Just as a thought experiment, tried visualising a few possible scenarios among which, I choose 3 plots that doesn't feel like the 'deliberate stretch sequel'.
  1. Option 1 : A brand new God of War story set at different time
  1. Option 2 : Time Traveller
  1. Option 3 : The hunter becomes the Hunted

Option 3 : Wrath by own blood. |hunter turns hunted
Kratos, Who dare match him

To continue the story ahead, we need a mighty challenge, that will test his "Kratos quotient" to the limits and his weakness to family murder.

Will Kratos would fall by his own blood?

To move the storyline forward in absence of earlier rivals will be to introduce one, a spartan rage that can unsettle Kratos. A Spartan born to a Goddess in hiding, fathered by Kratos himself, during one of his brutal raids on lower olympus. Son, with godly qualities and Kratos own blood.

The story can move forward with the ghosts of Gods, now powerless, building up hate n vengeance, just the way Aries did to Kratos. Weaving a grand illusions, Gods transforms Jr. into a mindless war machine training him with elusive techniques and weapons known only to the Gods. They primed him for an undying thirst for blood, far exceeding Kratos's own quest for vengeance. Jr. begins his campaign against the armies of God of War, winning back lost powers and strengths for the Gods,

The thoughts of his family being murdered by himself has only weakened him and now looks at Jr. as he fights his way up olympia. Kratos sees himself there, fighting for the Gods, increasing their power, for a promise that Gods will eventually deny. Its deja vu, as he sees his son fighting the wrong power and his rage for the blood of his father, just like himself.

Kratos for a moment thinks about his family and Gods promises which never happened. Even with the power of whole Olympus, Kratos couldn't resurrect his beloved daughter and wife. Kratos wonders why himself and now his son are following the same path of seeking father's blood. He suddenly jumps from the palace of Zeus, raging down like an eagle, while the background voice tells "Gods have again deceived Kratos, the time at olympus was merely a illusion by Gods". As pegasus fly in, he screams at his son, dont trust your Gods, come to the temple of Eden!. Pegasus shoots off dodging the arrows and magic.

What happens at the Temple of First God - Eden?
  • Will Kratos turn spiritual and give up everything?
  • Will he remain as brutal as ever and even kill his Son for power ?
  • Will Kratos Jr. realise the deception by the Gods who have slowly regained full powers using him?
  • Can there be a Indian Movie style reunion and epic Father/Son duo fighting back/back against 1000s of Olympian army which is now loyal to the Gods? 

Most viable option to continue the series with Kratos will be to introduce his nemesis Option 3: Best one. 

Hope Santa Monica thinks the same way. 

I love Kratos and don't want a new GOW warrior for a fresh series. I relate to Kratos the character and not the chair of God of War. I believe, , all God of War fans will agree with me.


Note: if ever someone stumbles on this page and actually read it till here, I salute, for these figment of imagination 10 minute posts , doesnt make me laugh even if I consider it as a satire or veiled snub or watever