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KRATOS : Plot for GOW 2015 : FUTURE PAST

god of war, 2015 title
new challenge

KRATOS : A new challenge / quest 4 new challenge

Sony Santa Monica studios confirmed they are continuing with God of War franchise and that the next title won't be prequel or rework for ps4 and 4k displays

Which opens up the question of how the new storyline can evolve as Kratos currently reign supreme in Olympus with all Gods dead or hiding. 

Without a prequel option, there is little that Greek mythology can offer to propel thIs franchise forward in the current time frame. A new formidable rival, within the Greek myths has to be introduced to create a compelling plot. A new challenge can't pop out.

  1. Option 1 : A brand new God of War story et at different time
  1. Option 2 : Time Traveller
  1. Option 3 : The hunter becomes the Hunted

Option 2: Time Travel 
Time travel does appeal as Kratos badly needs his family back. Time travel was used briefly in previous GOW titles. Things can go wrong when you meddle with past, opening up a whole new canvas. 

Example:  Kratos attempts to rewrite history, travel back to the time before he murders his family and tries to stop that event. His actions in changing the course of time unleashes total chaos, every event is linked to the other and the multiplier effect can be a very good starting point for the script.  

Kratos, The God of War and reigning God of Olympus, teleporting himself to fix threats in future / past timeframes.
Set in fresh environment and interactive elements, it offers a large canvas that any Artist dreams for. The Director gets infinite options to device challenges that keeps up with Kratos's reputation
The Studio has been playing with Kratos's weakness over murder of his family very well in previous GOW titles. This time, the weakness has to take centre stage, making Kratos to use Olympian Gods power to see through past and later attempts to change past event of murder, which sets off a complex series of events that Kratos himself cant control.

Hence plot option 2 : is plausible

god of war logo with kratos in front
Kratos on new mission

Check out the other 2 options
  • Option 1 : A new God of War story at different time
  • Option 2 : Time Traveller