Sunday, December 7

Beyond the said & heard : Perception is visual in 97% of humans. Minimal Text, play the colors

Perception and Communication: Beyond the said & heard

How does Apple manage to look so good, continue to set the trend, each and every passing year. From the fake reflections, glossy icons to parallax and now flat transparencies, Apple has remained just perfect. So smooth that a normal user won't even realise the change to sit back and say, Ah finally a refreshing change. An Apple user is always like, its lovely, barely knowing that their visual experiences are being tweaked each day.

Just look at the iPhone 3gs / 4 or iPad1 announcement and the iPad Air2 email below. Both so familiar, yet so different on a closer watch. Each revealing the design trends for their respective year, yet so similar like twins. A Seamlessly blend in . No startled "OMG wat is this now" !

Google changed too, In-fact faster quicker and more stylish than Apple. Yet, its changes are on the face, more pronounced. Its choppy and not the lucid transition of Apple. Android communications, newsletters and entire ecosystem itself have vastly improved, specially since Lollipop and material design that makes everything familiar, device independent. Yet one can find the jarring or sudden friction in Design elements as you swap between multiple Google web apps even now. Its a long way for Google, a 1000 free services to cater too.

Apple on the other side speaks of its typography and layouts only during some grand scale change like the vanished reflections, once Apple identity. Apple sells its UI mods, new tech and features, no matter how silly, but the real success have been maintaining that always refreshing feel, in every single thing, organisation wide. Thats the essence that connects Apple with customers and time. Formidable challenge for a super huge company in manufacturing and logistics.

Flat grey white sequence in new Apple emails, gone are days of reflections. The time of flat float is here

Both employ NLP, Jobs own reality distortion fields, human behavior & preferences. While Google uses the multi approach experiment on customers approach, Apple works towards products that are useable while ignoring many great tech for the sake of user experience.

Bottom Line, both these companies gives us insight to what we like and what the world like. Our small businesses fashioned the way these companies use color and fonts may infact welcome a huge new set of consumers.