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God of War | KRATOS | Nemesis for 2015?

dare look at my eyes ; kratos god of war
Kratos : Dare look at me
Kratos | meet his match

Sony Santa Monica studio confirmed that God of War franchise remains prime and the next one will not be a prequel nor a rework of existing titles. 

Kratos represents the pinnacle of an ultimate warrior. A mortal who defied death and hell and rose to being God, slain the rest and now remain invincible.

That opens up the question of how the story moves ahead when Kratos reign supreme with all Gods of Olympus either dead or hiding. Just as a thought experiment, tried visualising a few possible scenarios among which, I choose 3 plots that doesn't feel like the 'deliberate stretch sequel'.
  1. Option 1 : A brand new God of War story set at different time
  1. Option 2 : Time Traveller
  1. Option 3 : The hunter becomes the Hunted

Option 3 : Wrath by own blood. |hunter turns hunted
Kratos, Who dare match him

To continue the story ahead, we need a mighty challenge, that will test his "Kratos quotient" to the limits and his weakness to family murder.

Will Kratos would fall by his own blood?

To move the storyline forward in absence of earlier rivals will be to introduce one, a spartan rage that can unsettle Kratos. A Spartan born to a Goddess in hiding, fathered by Kratos himself, during one of his brutal raids on lower olympus. Son, with godly qualities and Kratos own blood.

The story can move forward with the ghosts of Gods, now powerless, building up hate n vengeance, just the way Aries did to Kratos. Weaving a grand illusions, Gods transforms Jr. into a mindless war machine training him with elusive techniques and weapons known only to the Gods. They primed him for an undying thirst for blood, far exceeding Kratos's own quest for vengeance. Jr. begins his campaign against the armies of God of War, winning back lost powers and strengths for the Gods,

The thoughts of his family being murdered by himself has only weakened him and now looks at Jr. as he fights his way up olympia. Kratos sees himself there, fighting for the Gods, increasing their power, for a promise that Gods will eventually deny. Its deja vu, as he sees his son fighting the wrong power and his rage for the blood of his father, just like himself.

Kratos for a moment thinks about his family and Gods promises which never happened. Even with the power of whole Olympus, Kratos couldn't resurrect his beloved daughter and wife. Kratos wonders why himself and now his son are following the same path of seeking father's blood. He suddenly jumps from the palace of Zeus, raging down like an eagle, while the background voice tells "Gods have again deceived Kratos, the time at olympus was merely a illusion by Gods". As pegasus fly in, he screams at his son, dont trust your Gods, come to the temple of Eden!. Pegasus shoots off dodging the arrows and magic.

What happens at the Temple of First God - Eden?
  • Will Kratos turn spiritual and give up everything?
  • Will he remain as brutal as ever and even kill his Son for power ?
  • Will Kratos Jr. realise the deception by the Gods who have slowly regained full powers using him?
  • Can there be a Indian Movie style reunion and epic Father/Son duo fighting back/back against 1000s of Olympian army which is now loyal to the Gods? 

Most viable option to continue the series with Kratos will be to introduce his nemesis Option 3: Best one. 

Hope Santa Monica thinks the same way. 

I love Kratos and don't want a new GOW warrior for a fresh series. I relate to Kratos the character and not the chair of God of War. I believe, , all God of War fans will agree with me.


Note: if ever someone stumbles on this page and actually read it till here, I salute, for these figment of imagination 10 minute posts , doesnt make me laugh even if I consider it as a satire or veiled snub or watever

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KRATOS : Plot for GOW 2015 : FUTURE PAST

god of war, 2015 title
new challenge

KRATOS : A new challenge / quest 4 new challenge

Sony Santa Monica studios confirmed they are continuing with God of War franchise and that the next title won't be prequel or rework for ps4 and 4k displays

Which opens up the question of how the new storyline can evolve as Kratos currently reign supreme in Olympus with all Gods dead or hiding. 

Without a prequel option, there is little that Greek mythology can offer to propel thIs franchise forward in the current time frame. A new formidable rival, within the Greek myths has to be introduced to create a compelling plot. A new challenge can't pop out.

  1. Option 1 : A brand new God of War story et at different time
  1. Option 2 : Time Traveller
  1. Option 3 : The hunter becomes the Hunted

Option 2: Time Travel 
Time travel does appeal as Kratos badly needs his family back. Time travel was used briefly in previous GOW titles. Things can go wrong when you meddle with past, opening up a whole new canvas. 

Example:  Kratos attempts to rewrite history, travel back to the time before he murders his family and tries to stop that event. His actions in changing the course of time unleashes total chaos, every event is linked to the other and the multiplier effect can be a very good starting point for the script.  

Kratos, The God of War and reigning God of Olympus, teleporting himself to fix threats in future / past timeframes.
Set in fresh environment and interactive elements, it offers a large canvas that any Artist dreams for. The Director gets infinite options to device challenges that keeps up with Kratos's reputation
The Studio has been playing with Kratos's weakness over murder of his family very well in previous GOW titles. This time, the weakness has to take centre stage, making Kratos to use Olympian Gods power to see through past and later attempts to change past event of murder, which sets off a complex series of events that Kratos himself cant control.

Hence plot option 2 : is plausible

god of war logo with kratos in front
Kratos on new mission

Check out the other 2 options
  • Option 1 : A new God of War story at different time
  • Option 2 : Time Traveller

Kratos : GOW: Plot guess for 2015 - a new God of War

kratos God of War and ghost of sparta
Ghost of sparta

God of War , Kratos now reign supreme and unchallenged

With possibility of prequel and rework of previous releases being ruled out, how would Santa Monica Studios weave a storyline that remains true to the KRATOS persona!

Kratos have finished all the Gods and even the furies. what could be a few likely options to take the game forward

Option 1:  A new series set in a very different time

With a new Lead character and set at a different epoch, The Gods and Titans can be brought back. But creating a new God of War character would be a huge risk. A God of War title without Kratos could face instant rejection.

God of War Kratos close up eyes

Its Kratos, that both fans and casual players relate to. Doesnt matter whether he is or not the current God of War, Only Kratos can pull the new series.

Santa Monica will have to create a warrior story 10x more interesting and a character that over shadows the Kratos attitude to even think about scripting a title without Kratos.

We can rule out any chances of a God of War title without Kratos himself in lead. 

GOW kratos remains unchallenged

What other options does Santa Monica Have?


Note: if ever someone stumbles on this page and actually read it till here, I salute, for these figment of imagination 10 minute posts , doesnt make me laugh even if I consider it as a satire or veiled snub or watever

God of War | Nemesis | 2015 plot

KRATOS, now supreme, reigns Olympus. All Gods fallen

Santa Monica Studio recently confirmed that the God of War series will continue and remains prime to the studios future productions. IGN confirms that the new title won't be a prequel nor a rework of existing titles. 

With no one worthy to challenge, no prequel and rework ruled out, who remains to face the wrath of Kratos?

How will Santa Monica weave a fresh storyline without changing the current status quo and not interfering with the "Kratos Quotient" ?

Kratos: All destroyed, yet guilt haunts him 

Got any clue?

Just scribbling through, praying that Santa Monica won't introduce a new God of War, i got 3 silly ways that story can move forward in absence of Gods n Titans with Kratos as central figure. in continuum to current position
Option 1 : A brand new God of War story set at different time
Option 2 : Time Traveling genius
Option 3 : The hunter becomes the Hunted


Note: if ever someone stumbles on this page and actually read it till here, I salute, for these figment of imagination 10 minute posts , doesnt make me laugh even if I consider it as a satire or veiled snub or watever

The awakening ( God of War ) : new title coming 2015 PS4

Kratos prevails
The Next GOW : Will kratos meet his nemesis

Via an interview with Santa Monica Studio, IGN confirms that God of War franchise is hot priority and that we can expect the new title over fall 2015.

Further,  the new title will not be a prequel or a rework of existing titles. well a full fledged ps4 rework will cost as much as a new title and more importantly, wasting great talent on rework makes no sense.

Such a good news to know the series will remain alive.

Eager to know how Santa Monica will weave a story that is in continuum with last titles. 

With no prequel, no rework, and Kratos already has slain his strong rivals and left Olympus empty. Who will be the target this time. Even furies are dead, Kratos might fancy the Primordial Gods this time.

I can think of just a bored Kratos diving directly from the top palace of olympus, looking for an adventure.


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A full GOD OF WAR franchise (including those released on handhelds) upscaled and enhanced for PS4 + 4k display will be a great collectors edition release.

Beyond the said & heard : Perception is visual in 97% of humans. Minimal Text, play the colors

Perception and Communication: Beyond the said & heard

How does Apple manage to look so good, continue to set the trend, each and every passing year. From the fake reflections, glossy icons to parallax and now flat transparencies, Apple has remained just perfect. So smooth that a normal user won't even realise the change to sit back and say, Ah finally a refreshing change. An Apple user is always like, its lovely, barely knowing that their visual experiences are being tweaked each day.

Just look at the iPhone 3gs / 4 or iPad1 announcement and the iPad Air2 email below. Both so familiar, yet so different on a closer watch. Each revealing the design trends for their respective year, yet so similar like twins. A Seamlessly blend in . No startled "OMG wat is this now" !

Google changed too, In-fact faster quicker and more stylish than Apple. Yet, its changes are on the face, more pronounced. Its choppy and not the lucid transition of Apple. Android communications, newsletters and entire ecosystem itself have vastly improved, specially since Lollipop and material design that makes everything familiar, device independent. Yet one can find the jarring or sudden friction in Design elements as you swap between multiple Google web apps even now. Its a long way for Google, a 1000 free services to cater too.

Apple on the other side speaks of its typography and layouts only during some grand scale change like the vanished reflections, once Apple identity. Apple sells its UI mods, new tech and features, no matter how silly, but the real success have been maintaining that always refreshing feel, in every single thing, organisation wide. Thats the essence that connects Apple with customers and time. Formidable challenge for a super huge company in manufacturing and logistics.

Flat grey white sequence in new Apple emails, gone are days of reflections. The time of flat float is here

Both employ NLP, Jobs own reality distortion fields, human behavior & preferences. While Google uses the multi approach experiment on customers approach, Apple works towards products that are useable while ignoring many great tech for the sake of user experience.

Bottom Line, both these companies gives us insight to what we like and what the world like. Our small businesses fashioned the way these companies use color and fonts may infact welcome a huge new set of consumers.