Friday, November 28

KTM - Pioneering vision, Undying spirit

KTM 2014 was our latest pinnacle of success, putting together the grandest ever trade conclave in India, executed to near perfection, outperforming the goals set by KTM to near unbelievable numbers.

KERALA TRAVEL MART, the tourism business trade show and conclave have grown from a basic B2B Mart to one of the most influential industry bodies and a shining example of 
"Together we grow, alone we fail"

KTM 2014 was a rocking success, not just by the footprint or business deals, but by the way KTM let Kerala take the centre stage, the international media attention on Kerala was at its height and that's the best takeaway for KTM society.

Yet, as members, all would love stats!
  1. International tour operators and deal makers =  234
  2. Indian domestic tour operators and deal makers =  854
  3. Trade stalls by KTM members and partners = 256
  4. Guests who joined our special post event tour of Kerala = 339

More than numbers, its the story we tell and the interest we can generate which defines the success of a trade show. 
"With Kerala being the center stage, our vision of showcasing the culture, traditions and the all encompassing Harmony with Nature in each aspect of malayali life, just hit the sweet spot."

Conclaves and Dialogues on Responsible tourism, ethics and preservation were appreciated around the globe and us, KTM society vows to inculcate the lessons in each of our future endeavours.

Attention received from both central and state governments, International associations and the large number of celebrity travel journalists is a testimony to KTM society's vision and ability to execute.

Accolades many, KTM society considers them only as milestones of past, our vision and our dream fulfilled only when Kerala is crowned number One in the most coveted destinations across the world.

Competition is no longer within destinations of India, KTM 2014 has propelled us to the higher orbit, To compete with destinations of the order of Bora Bora and Marrakesh, Morocco.

KTM Society appreciates and remain grateful to each of our members and visiting dignitaries, media and dedicate this scale of success to the people of Kerala.

Each day for Kerala

KTM Secretariat,
KTM society