Saturday, October 4

The Navi Mumbai Butterfly : Urban Aesthetics

Ever since the exit of British, Art or simple aesthetics in urban infrastructure have never been a creteria in India

In Mumbai, urban beautification projects were about paving tiles and benches on seafronts and new contracts for flyovers saw ugly concrete curves n figures which had no function or appeal, including monorail n metro bridges. 

Our new Airport is an island of Art disconnected from the city. 

To my surprise and great delight, the reworked Navi Mumbai highway has bright a yellow butterfly skeletal design to support its four spoke street lamps. 

Those lines of butterfly street lamps just refreshed the otherwise grey dusty and bland highway. 

The yellow butterfly reflects everything Mumbai stands for, from its vibrance to sheer energy of Mumbaikars.

Mumbai n navi Mumbai needs an Urban Architecture theme and guidelines where aesthetics is intrinstic to the design that doesn't come at extra cost. 

That simple yellow butterfly must be our motif. A meaningful identity and first step towards aesthetic urban environments. 

If Brazil can, why can't we! 

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