Sunday, October 5

The 47 Ronin tribute : limited production

"#Design has no master " :

The 47 Ronins limited production. 

When Harley-Davidson ceased the legendary Buell Motorcycles, a concept was born at Magpul. A custom Buell 1125, The Ronin: a samurai with no Lord. 
It was a minimalist masterpiece.

The 47 Ronin japanese legend and Buell without master inspired a limited production series of 47 bikes as a tribute.

The Ronin motorcycles company was set up with a singular purpose, rework Ronin Concept bike design for limited production and built them. Check out their video at

A unitised design and handcrafted production plan was chosen. Headlamps integrated to the forks, turn indicators merged into handlebars are class ideas. 

The 47 Ronins are being built one at a time, hand crafted, track tested and refined to excellence before it gets badged with the Number and Name of the Ronin. Each bike unique. 

The series starts from 47 to 1. first 12 Ronins comes at $38,000. The next 10 in pitch black color and the price moves upwards. 

The number 5 to 1 will be exclusive and for sure Ronin 1, will be among the most coveted Men's Toys. 

A Must have Dream Machine. 

More than my love for Minimalist design & Buell, the more significant reason for this post is that our own trusted Hero motorcycles is working with Buell for its re-entry into 250cc sports bike market in India.  It's Hero's last and only chance to reenter the premium bike category which it had created with Karizma. 

Buell currently exists as a small engineering company focused on race track superbikes.