Tuesday, October 7

iPhone 6 and iPhone6 plus - India release aiming for a Diwali Blockbuster

iPhone6 and iPhone 6 Plus : India sales from 17 October 2014 starts at Rs. 53,500

Super Phone

Apple is timing iPhone 6 and 6+India release with Diwali spending spree with launch scheduled for October 17. 

From market perspective, Diwali means gifting and it is about flaunting money, buying the costliest "just in" premium device is all that matters to the neo-rich while even the calculated and VFM buyer indulge in some luxury. That makes things easy for Apple in a country where it already has an "ultimate desire" appeal. 

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone6+ will be the "just in" premium label phone for Diwali making it the perfect and most desirable gift with a penthouse price to ensure that your gift, for yourself or your loved ones, sends out all the right signals and takes you to cloud9. 
Go grab one! 

You can worry about the EMIs and credit card dues once the diwali frenzy settles and start having an overspent hangover.