Tuesday, October 7

Apple iPhone 6 and 6+ : Cracking Diwali

iPhone 6 , mobile shops,  Diwali and India

Official Pricing (not yet published on Apple India website)


  1. iphone 6 16gb   = INR 53,500
  2. iphone 6 64gb   = INR 62,500
  3. iphone 6 128gb = INR 71,500

iPhone 6 Plus (iPhone 6+)

  1. iphone 6+ 16gb   = INR 62,500
  2. iphone 6+ 64gb   = INR 71,500
  3. iphone 6+ 128gb = INR 80,500

The general market view about this Diwali season have been mostly optimistic. Talking to many sub 250 sqft shops that sell more devices than giant outlets, most have noted a shift in consumer preference to bigger brands, perceived as better quality. Interest in second hand mobile phones have dropped sharply thanks to the new brigade of low range phones that offers much of what the premium segment can do. 

There is an overwhelming expectation among retailers for record sales figures for iphone 6 which surprised me. They say Diwali is about luxury spending and this Diwali is special. Must be Mr.Modi euphoria and all of them had unofficial posters offering to book an iPhone 6 or 6+ for money ranging from INR2000 to 5000 promising delivery on launch day itself!

The Official pre-order of iPhone 6 and iphone 6plus will begin this friday (10th oct) through Apple authorised outlets.

Go grab one. Its Diwali