Friday, September 12

Update: Royal Enfield Cult: not just men, even insects go crazy

Update: royal Enfield cult: even insects choose an Enfield 

This is madness. 

My dear friend, the Unidentified yellow black flying stingy Insect didn't loose hope. Even after breaking its attempt to make a nest on my Royal Enfield thrice, it chose to rebuilt it from start and succeeded this time. 

Yesterday after breaking the mud nest, I sprayed some polish and perfume, hoping that it won't to able to locate the spot again based on scent . 

But that wasn't the case. Morning, I saw it starting to rebuild from scratch. With total surprise and some pitty for the insect, I choose to use my car instead of breaking his fourth attempt. 

By afternoon ,on my return it had completed the job making a beautiful pot shaped nest with an egg too. 

Why it chose the bike and that location baffles me is its never there, except early mornings. 

Why does it wait till next day for the bike to return next day, and start from scratch? 

Why not the car, or some garden furniture that remains stationary most of the time ! 

Does an insect love #RoyalEnfield so much? 

Reminds me of the spider web story, Try try and try until you succeed. This insect finally won over me. 

I Decided to let my favorite #REcontinentalGT bike rest until that egg hatches and a new life begins.