Wednesday, September 10

Royal Enfield Cult: not just men, even insects go crazy

Update: the insect continues its relentless effort and this time it won over me.

Can insects be this choosy? This yellow black flying sting has been trying to make his nest/home on my bike on the same spot since last three days. Each time I knock it of before completion. 

This time he nearly finished it while I watched him do it. 

Admire the determination of that creature but its a idiot too to choose the wrong place where he failed twice already. Each time rebuilding it from scratch. 

Next time , if he try's again , maybe I ll let it be there and carry his home as I ride along. 

Does it got anything to do with even Insects love "Royal Enfield. Made like a Gun". A Cult following among insects to nest on a Royal Enfield. This one tried thrice as this is a Royal Enfield Continental GT, rare and pricy possession, it must be a matter of pride to have a nest on a RE GT. 

Royal Enfield , strong and reliable, ageless timeless motorbike , the insect might have seen it as a pretty secure place  to build a home !!!