Wednesday, September 10

Apple Watch - it's not iWatch !!!

Apple watch is suprisingly not called an iWatch. 

That's a turn in trend. Or a brand trademark issue which Apple normally wiggles through. 

Or simply Apple wants it to be seen as a Watch which is smart too. But  Watch first! 

Apple Watch is the most personal device we've ever created - Tim Cook

Apple Watch is indeed awesome. They have addressed the key issues of why one would need a smart watch. 

More than fitness part, I loved the personalisation and then feeling connected with your loved ones. A tap and your loved one feels it. Gentle subtle reminder that yes, I am thinking of you, no matter where I am. 

Touches the emotional cords so well that now I too want suvh a device, Just for that Tap to my mom and my dear friends across the sea, that I m here, yet I am there with you. 

It's like Apple gave real feel to Facebook's forgotten Poke. 

Apple under Tim Cook have shown his critics that they can create new devices that are compelling and desirable and make the new product catogery relevant. 

They made a watch that is smart, unlike others who tried to shrink a smartphone into a watch size. The UI navigation is as innovative as Apple. The crown, Why didn't others think of it. 

Loved the numerous options to match all tastes 

Yes, Its time for getting a smart watch, no, an AppleWatch.