Wednesday, September 10

Apple iPhone 6 - nothing new, yet d harmony in design is alluring

Best thing of Apple is it doesn't really introduces any new far reaching game changers other than design, it takes existing tech already introduced by other manufacturers into real compelling and incredibly usesble functions. 

Add this thoughtful simple usable design with iOS and we have a game changer. Coupled with the AppleWatch, we may have a revolution. 

From the upsize in screen which has been around in market for near 2 years to video stabilisation, Apple havnt brought anything new. It jus made em worthwhile. Just the way it turned 3G video calls compelling to use when it's FaceTime. 

ISight has done the same, turned already claimed or introduced tech like image stabilisation to create a compelling usable and worth sharing videos and pictures . 

Loved their focus on selfies and introduction of more features in built in camera app, though nothing new compared to Android peers. Apple it is, so it will work for sure, as our 8yrs of experience have shown 

On design and obsession for being thin, Apple have indeed worked real hard. Bumping performance by 50% on an already super fast 5s is no easy task. 

Experience is the differentiator for Apple. 

I am dissapointed that iPhone6 is 720p but then that is more than enough for human eye and display tech sure makes up for the shortcoming in spec fight. So dissapointment is just that it isn't HD or 2xHD though my eyes will never make out. 

 Further disappointed that its 4.7 inch, may suit west's big hands but single hand operations for smaller Asian hands will be difficult. Maybe 4.5 would have been better. 

Having a 5.5 iphone6+ is great and most wanted by this media hungry generation

While others have moved to qHD, Apple is busy bringing real to life displays with awesome frame rates in HD with content packed along in an array of games. 

it is going to be a tough case for IPhone this time as Android has really improved and Nexus line up is value for money . 

It's interesting that it has introduced its own range of covers in silicon n leather. While iPad covers had function, these are merely protective. So Apple seems to be interested in making money selling these at a premium or Apple is pushing its accessory makers to come up with better ones.  

Apple watch is the game changer here. 

Wondering what would be the iPad line up, now that iPhone itself is a phablet.