Monday, March 3

The blur: Japanese Honda vs Korean Hyundai

The Japanese cars had a little more pedigree and had a much neater design compared to the Koreans. 

But now the Gap seems to be blurring and I am wondering who is copying whom? 

The new Santa Fe looks almost like a copy of Japanese Honda CRV 

While the new Honda City seems to have borrowed a lot from Hyundai Verna Fluidic 

Similar to the point that a casual eye can't differentiate on the first look . 

Let alone their names and logos being similar too . In India, even now, people confuse between the Honda and Hyundai names. 

While I love the new H design of Honda, I am suprisingly dissapointed that they did copy the side lines from verna! 

Hyundai, this one is too close. Honda managed a good look for CRV n bang Santa FE now is a big brother of CRV! 

What's with designers! Running out of shapes!