Wednesday, February 26

Google Nexus 5: official accessories are worth every rupee

The Case / Cover

The Nexus 5 case looks incredibly cool coming in bright flashy yellow and red, along with sober grey and black. 

It snugs the device so well, while remaining incredibly thin yet supporting wireless charging. 

I love that the case eliminates the LG branding and instead have a huge vertical NEXUS. 

the quality & wireless charging support makes it a very attractive buy at ₹2499 on India play store. 

The Plate

Nexus wireless charging plate is simplicity at its best with a neat subtle NEXUS printed on it. 

While the whole point of wireless charging remains debatable, this one is worth a buy just to add a class appeal to your work desk. The plate is listed at ₹3299 on India Playstore. 

Both accessories done so beautifully, it seems like an Apple work! 

Images courtesy 
Google Play store