Saturday, February 15

2014 Honda City : why this ugly tail pipe

2014 Honda City made a grand entry and with a deisel motor , it has gathered enough booking to make me wonder : is Indian economy really in bad shape?

Irrespective of the deisel motor, I am in love with this car except one thing. 

There is lots to love in this version of Honda City. The sharp arrow shot design that was carried over from the previous model looks great. It's now longer and has a higher rear. The front is aggressive with the lightclusters and grill together forming a subtle H form. The interiors for once looks modern while being simple and uncluttered. The tail lamps make the car beefy and strong from rear and pretty awesome sight at night. Add the superb Honda engines and this car lives up to its name. A perfect City car. 

Then what's to hate? 

Why is the exhaust pipe and muffler (silencer) hanging out in the bottom below the bumpers like it was not a part of the car? 

Each time I see the 2014 City, that ugly tin muffler n a bent pipe takes away the whole appeal of that elegant rear design.

It's like Honda engineers and designers came up with a brilliant redesign, had they forgot about an exhaust pipe. Then : oh no, no space for exhaust, let's tie it to the bottom. 

In the previous Arrowshot model, the pipe was so well mated to the bumper then what happened this time? If the bent pipe has to do with engine efficiency , it could have atleast been hidden. Just like the Vento or Linea. 

Atleast you guys could have painted it black! 

Why Honda why! 

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