Wednesday, February 26

Google Nexus 5: official accessories are worth every rupee

The Case / Cover

The Nexus 5 case looks incredibly cool coming in bright flashy yellow and red, along with sober grey and black. 

It snugs the device so well, while remaining incredibly thin yet supporting wireless charging. 

I love that the case eliminates the LG branding and instead have a huge vertical NEXUS. 

the quality & wireless charging support makes it a very attractive buy at ₹2499 on India play store. 

The Plate

Nexus wireless charging plate is simplicity at its best with a neat subtle NEXUS printed on it. 

While the whole point of wireless charging remains debatable, this one is worth a buy just to add a class appeal to your work desk. The plate is listed at ₹3299 on India Playstore. 

Both accessories done so beautifully, it seems like an Apple work! 

Images courtesy 
Google Play store 

Monday, February 24

Blackberry messenger to WhatsApp: the lost love for BBM

Few years back BBM was among the most loved things. Part envy too, as I looked at people punching away through our daily commute. When I got my BB Bold, I felt elite too. 

4 years forward, BB is forgotten or hated. Blackberry boys no longer appeal.  We hate the BBs issued by our employers . BB desperately opens up BBM for iPhone and Android but very few bothered to try. 

But as I heard of the $19 billion FB Whatsapp deal, I felt like revisiting the original mobile messenger, Blackberry Messenger BBM. it felt and worked just like before, this time free! Certainly nostalgia. 

Years back, it was perfectly normal to ask for someone's BBM Pin or txt mine and wait to add, accept n la la. Infact there was pride in having a BBM pin. 

Today it feels like a punishment! 

BBM now looks like a time capsule. 

No wonder we knowingly or unknowingly joined the simple whatsapp that doesn't even have a login. The democratization of mobiles did play, but BBM had the same oppurtunity too, infact it had a huge lead.

At start, Whatsapp on iPhone was a paid app, my dear friend forced me to try and got hooked. Whatsapp's key to dominance was its focus on being a simple light weight app that will open up faster than the inbuilt SMS app, even on a Symbian. Then they made it free for an year for Android and Symbian and it just took off. All people on your contacts are in whatsapp. What a simple idea!

Facebook no doubt made this deal as an insurance policy in a mobile only world. Does it really hope recoup the billions remains a ?

Maybe the answer lies in stock market. Userbase at any cost is all that Wall Street seems to cares about!

How do these analyst value things in a chaotic technology space where we don't know what's next?

What role does whatsapp have when we transition from smartphones to the next (none knows what) generation of devices.

Hope whatsapp won't share the same fate as BBM when I open it 5 years into the future 

*fact that whatsapp resisted buyouts till now was a huge bet and they did win. There was an app called Beluga launched just after whatsapp with a better polished UI. Beluga but sold out to FB within months.  The founders would be among the most depressed guys this week. 

Saturday, February 15

2014 Honda City : why this ugly tail pipe

2014 Honda City made a grand entry and with a deisel motor , it has gathered enough booking to make me wonder : is Indian economy really in bad shape?

Irrespective of the deisel motor, I am in love with this car except one thing. 

There is lots to love in this version of Honda City. The sharp arrow shot design that was carried over from the previous model looks great. It's now longer and has a higher rear. The front is aggressive with the lightclusters and grill together forming a subtle H form. The interiors for once looks modern while being simple and uncluttered. The tail lamps make the car beefy and strong from rear and pretty awesome sight at night. Add the superb Honda engines and this car lives up to its name. A perfect City car. 

Then what's to hate? 

Why is the exhaust pipe and muffler (silencer) hanging out in the bottom below the bumpers like it was not a part of the car? 

Each time I see the 2014 City, that ugly tin muffler n a bent pipe takes away the whole appeal of that elegant rear design.

It's like Honda engineers and designers came up with a brilliant redesign, had they forgot about an exhaust pipe. Then : oh no, no space for exhaust, let's tie it to the bottom. 

In the previous Arrowshot model, the pipe was so well mated to the bumper then what happened this time? If the bent pipe has to do with engine efficiency , it could have atleast been hidden. Just like the Vento or Linea. 

Atleast you guys could have painted it black! 

Why Honda why! 

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