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God of War | KRATOS | Nemesis for 2015?

dare look at my eyes ; kratos god of war
Kratos : Dare look at me
Kratos | meet his match

Sony Santa Monica studio confirmed that God of War franchise remains prime and the next one will not be a prequel nor a rework of existing titles. 

Kratos represents the pinnacle of an ultimate warrior. A mortal who defied death and hell and rose to being God, slain the rest and now remain invincible.

That opens up the question of how the story moves ahead when Kratos reign supreme with all Gods of Olympus either dead or hiding. Just as a thought experiment, tried visualising a few possible scenarios among which, I choose 3 plots that doesn't feel like the 'deliberate stretch sequel'.
  1. Option 1 : A brand new God of War story set at different time
  1. Option 2 : Time Traveller
  1. Option 3 : The hunter becomes the Hunted

Option 3 : Wrath by own blood. |hunter turns hunted
Kratos, Who dare match him

To continue the story ahead, we need a mighty challenge, that will test his "Kratos quotient" to the limits and his weakness to family murder.

Will Kratos would fall by his own blood?

To move the storyline forward in absence of earlier rivals will be to introduce one, a spartan rage that can unsettle Kratos. A Spartan born to a Goddess in hiding, fathered by Kratos himself, during one of his brutal raids on lower olympus. Son, with godly qualities and Kratos own blood.

The story can move forward with the ghosts of Gods, now powerless, building up hate n vengeance, just the way Aries did to Kratos. Weaving a grand illusions, Gods transforms Jr. into a mindless war machine training him with elusive techniques and weapons known only to the Gods. They primed him for an undying thirst for blood, far exceeding Kratos's own quest for vengeance. Jr. begins his campaign against the armies of God of War, winning back lost powers and strengths for the Gods,

The thoughts of his family being murdered by himself has only weakened him and now looks at Jr. as he fights his way up olympia. Kratos sees himself there, fighting for the Gods, increasing their power, for a promise that Gods will eventually deny. Its deja vu, as he sees his son fighting the wrong power and his rage for the blood of his father, just like himself.

Kratos for a moment thinks about his family and Gods promises which never happened. Even with the power of whole Olympus, Kratos couldn't resurrect his beloved daughter and wife. Kratos wonders why himself and now his son are following the same path of seeking father's blood. He suddenly jumps from the palace of Zeus, raging down like an eagle, while the background voice tells "Gods have again deceived Kratos, the time at olympus was merely a illusion by Gods". As pegasus fly in, he screams at his son, dont trust your Gods, come to the temple of Eden!. Pegasus shoots off dodging the arrows and magic.

What happens at the Temple of First God - Eden?
  • Will Kratos turn spiritual and give up everything?
  • Will he remain as brutal as ever and even kill his Son for power ?
  • Will Kratos Jr. realise the deception by the Gods who have slowly regained full powers using him?
  • Can there be a Indian Movie style reunion and epic Father/Son duo fighting back/back against 1000s of Olympian army which is now loyal to the Gods? 

Most viable option to continue the series with Kratos will be to introduce his nemesis Option 3: Best one. 

Hope Santa Monica thinks the same way. 

I love Kratos and don't want a new GOW warrior for a fresh series. I relate to Kratos the character and not the chair of God of War. I believe, , all God of War fans will agree with me.


Note: if ever someone stumbles on this page and actually read it till here, I salute, for these figment of imagination 10 minute posts , doesnt make me laugh even if I consider it as a satire or veiled snub or watever

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KRATOS : Plot for GOW 2015 : FUTURE PAST

god of war, 2015 title
new challenge

KRATOS : A new challenge / quest 4 new challenge

Sony Santa Monica studios confirmed they are continuing with God of War franchise and that the next title won't be prequel or rework for ps4 and 4k displays

Which opens up the question of how the new storyline can evolve as Kratos currently reign supreme in Olympus with all Gods dead or hiding. 

Without a prequel option, there is little that Greek mythology can offer to propel thIs franchise forward in the current time frame. A new formidable rival, within the Greek myths has to be introduced to create a compelling plot. A new challenge can't pop out.

  1. Option 1 : A brand new God of War story et at different time
  1. Option 2 : Time Traveller
  1. Option 3 : The hunter becomes the Hunted

Option 2: Time Travel 
Time travel does appeal as Kratos badly needs his family back. Time travel was used briefly in previous GOW titles. Things can go wrong when you meddle with past, opening up a whole new canvas. 

Example:  Kratos attempts to rewrite history, travel back to the time before he murders his family and tries to stop that event. His actions in changing the course of time unleashes total chaos, every event is linked to the other and the multiplier effect can be a very good starting point for the script.  

Kratos, The God of War and reigning God of Olympus, teleporting himself to fix threats in future / past timeframes.
Set in fresh environment and interactive elements, it offers a large canvas that any Artist dreams for. The Director gets infinite options to device challenges that keeps up with Kratos's reputation
The Studio has been playing with Kratos's weakness over murder of his family very well in previous GOW titles. This time, the weakness has to take centre stage, making Kratos to use Olympian Gods power to see through past and later attempts to change past event of murder, which sets off a complex series of events that Kratos himself cant control.

Hence plot option 2 : is plausible

god of war logo with kratos in front
Kratos on new mission

Check out the other 2 options
  • Option 1 : A new God of War story at different time
  • Option 2 : Time Traveller

Kratos : GOW: Plot guess for 2015 - a new God of War

kratos God of War and ghost of sparta
Ghost of sparta

God of War , Kratos now reign supreme and unchallenged

With possibility of prequel and rework of previous releases being ruled out, how would Santa Monica Studios weave a storyline that remains true to the KRATOS persona!

Kratos have finished all the Gods and even the furies. what could be a few likely options to take the game forward

Option 1:  A new series set in a very different time

With a new Lead character and set at a different epoch, The Gods and Titans can be brought back. But creating a new God of War character would be a huge risk. A God of War title without Kratos could face instant rejection.

God of War Kratos close up eyes

Its Kratos, that both fans and casual players relate to. Doesnt matter whether he is or not the current God of War, Only Kratos can pull the new series.

Santa Monica will have to create a warrior story 10x more interesting and a character that over shadows the Kratos attitude to even think about scripting a title without Kratos.

We can rule out any chances of a God of War title without Kratos himself in lead. 

GOW kratos remains unchallenged

What other options does Santa Monica Have?


Note: if ever someone stumbles on this page and actually read it till here, I salute, for these figment of imagination 10 minute posts , doesnt make me laugh even if I consider it as a satire or veiled snub or watever

God of War | Nemesis | 2015 plot

KRATOS, now supreme, reigns Olympus. All Gods fallen

Santa Monica Studio recently confirmed that the God of War series will continue and remains prime to the studios future productions. IGN confirms that the new title won't be a prequel nor a rework of existing titles. 

With no one worthy to challenge, no prequel and rework ruled out, who remains to face the wrath of Kratos?

How will Santa Monica weave a fresh storyline without changing the current status quo and not interfering with the "Kratos Quotient" ?

Kratos: All destroyed, yet guilt haunts him 

Got any clue?

Just scribbling through, praying that Santa Monica won't introduce a new God of War, i got 3 silly ways that story can move forward in absence of Gods n Titans with Kratos as central figure. in continuum to current position
Option 1 : A brand new God of War story set at different time
Option 2 : Time Traveling genius
Option 3 : The hunter becomes the Hunted


Note: if ever someone stumbles on this page and actually read it till here, I salute, for these figment of imagination 10 minute posts , doesnt make me laugh even if I consider it as a satire or veiled snub or watever

The awakening ( God of War ) : new title coming 2015 PS4

Kratos prevails
The Next GOW : Will kratos meet his nemesis

Via an interview with Santa Monica Studio, IGN confirms that God of War franchise is hot priority and that we can expect the new title over fall 2015.

Further,  the new title will not be a prequel or a rework of existing titles. well a full fledged ps4 rework will cost as much as a new title and more importantly, wasting great talent on rework makes no sense.

Such a good news to know the series will remain alive.

Eager to know how Santa Monica will weave a story that is in continuum with last titles. 

With no prequel, no rework, and Kratos already has slain his strong rivals and left Olympus empty. Who will be the target this time. Even furies are dead, Kratos might fancy the Primordial Gods this time.

I can think of just a bored Kratos diving directly from the top palace of olympus, looking for an adventure.


News credit:

A full GOD OF WAR franchise (including those released on handhelds) upscaled and enhanced for PS4 + 4k display will be a great collectors edition release.

Beyond the said & heard : Perception is visual in 97% of humans. Minimal Text, play the colors

Perception and Communication: Beyond the said & heard

How does Apple manage to look so good, continue to set the trend, each and every passing year. From the fake reflections, glossy icons to parallax and now flat transparencies, Apple has remained just perfect. So smooth that a normal user won't even realise the change to sit back and say, Ah finally a refreshing change. An Apple user is always like, its lovely, barely knowing that their visual experiences are being tweaked each day.

Just look at the iPhone 3gs / 4 or iPad1 announcement and the iPad Air2 email below. Both so familiar, yet so different on a closer watch. Each revealing the design trends for their respective year, yet so similar like twins. A Seamlessly blend in . No startled "OMG wat is this now" !

Google changed too, In-fact faster quicker and more stylish than Apple. Yet, its changes are on the face, more pronounced. Its choppy and not the lucid transition of Apple. Android communications, newsletters and entire ecosystem itself have vastly improved, specially since Lollipop and material design that makes everything familiar, device independent. Yet one can find the jarring or sudden friction in Design elements as you swap between multiple Google web apps even now. Its a long way for Google, a 1000 free services to cater too.

Apple on the other side speaks of its typography and layouts only during some grand scale change like the vanished reflections, once Apple identity. Apple sells its UI mods, new tech and features, no matter how silly, but the real success have been maintaining that always refreshing feel, in every single thing, organisation wide. Thats the essence that connects Apple with customers and time. Formidable challenge for a super huge company in manufacturing and logistics.

Flat grey white sequence in new Apple emails, gone are days of reflections. The time of flat float is here

Both employ NLP, Jobs own reality distortion fields, human behavior & preferences. While Google uses the multi approach experiment on customers approach, Apple works towards products that are useable while ignoring many great tech for the sake of user experience.

Bottom Line, both these companies gives us insight to what we like and what the world like. Our small businesses fashioned the way these companies use color and fonts may infact welcome a huge new set of consumers.

Friday, November 28

KTM - Pioneering vision, Undying spirit

KTM 2014 was our latest pinnacle of success, putting together the grandest ever trade conclave in India, executed to near perfection, outperforming the goals set by KTM to near unbelievable numbers.

KERALA TRAVEL MART, the tourism business trade show and conclave have grown from a basic B2B Mart to one of the most influential industry bodies and a shining example of 
"Together we grow, alone we fail"

KTM 2014 was a rocking success, not just by the footprint or business deals, but by the way KTM let Kerala take the centre stage, the international media attention on Kerala was at its height and that's the best takeaway for KTM society.

Yet, as members, all would love stats!
  1. International tour operators and deal makers =  234
  2. Indian domestic tour operators and deal makers =  854
  3. Trade stalls by KTM members and partners = 256
  4. Guests who joined our special post event tour of Kerala = 339

More than numbers, its the story we tell and the interest we can generate which defines the success of a trade show. 
"With Kerala being the center stage, our vision of showcasing the culture, traditions and the all encompassing Harmony with Nature in each aspect of malayali life, just hit the sweet spot."

Conclaves and Dialogues on Responsible tourism, ethics and preservation were appreciated around the globe and us, KTM society vows to inculcate the lessons in each of our future endeavours.

Attention received from both central and state governments, International associations and the large number of celebrity travel journalists is a testimony to KTM society's vision and ability to execute.

Accolades many, KTM society considers them only as milestones of past, our vision and our dream fulfilled only when Kerala is crowned number One in the most coveted destinations across the world.

Competition is no longer within destinations of India, KTM 2014 has propelled us to the higher orbit, To compete with destinations of the order of Bora Bora and Marrakesh, Morocco.

KTM Society appreciates and remain grateful to each of our members and visiting dignitaries, media and dedicate this scale of success to the people of Kerala.

Each day for Kerala

KTM Secretariat,
KTM society

Awesome & Virgin Kerala - Alumkadavu, Kollam

Alumkadavu /Kollam /Kerala

Yup, those honeymoon houseboats once used to ferry rice and goods across the length of Kerala through its connected canals and grand backwaters.

Road and rail took over, but the Malayali always finds a way. The Kettuvalam goods carriers transformed into magical islands of luxury in these idylic backwaters.

But have you ever thought about or seen how much craft goes into building a houseboat, using natural and ancient science, traditional beliefs and a blend of mordern day luxury

Visit Alumkadavu, the heart of traditional boat building in Kerala. Mark it on your next trip, if Houseboats are magical, Alumkadavu crafts men are Gods,

Getting thereNearest railway station: Karunagappally rail stationNearest airport: TVM/COK

Lattitude:9.05866, Longitude: 76.506894

Awesome & Virgin Kerala - Muzhappilangad Beach

Muzhappilangad Beach, Thalassery, Kerala

One and only plunge your small car drive-in beach covers a whole 4kms of fun, beat the surf challenge that doesn't need a 4x4.  The Shallow seas are a indeed car friendly.

Drive back on sunset after a dose of authentic malabar cuisine

Nearest railway station: Kannur, about 16 km
Nearest airport: Calicut International Airport, about 102 km

Lattitude:11.792584, Longitude: 75.454416

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Apple iPhone 6 and 6+ : Cracking Diwali

iPhone 6 , mobile shops,  Diwali and India

Official Pricing (not yet published on Apple India website)


  1. iphone 6 16gb   = INR 53,500
  2. iphone 6 64gb   = INR 62,500
  3. iphone 6 128gb = INR 71,500

iPhone 6 Plus (iPhone 6+)

  1. iphone 6+ 16gb   = INR 62,500
  2. iphone 6+ 64gb   = INR 71,500
  3. iphone 6+ 128gb = INR 80,500

The general market view about this Diwali season have been mostly optimistic. Talking to many sub 250 sqft shops that sell more devices than giant outlets, most have noted a shift in consumer preference to bigger brands, perceived as better quality. Interest in second hand mobile phones have dropped sharply thanks to the new brigade of low range phones that offers much of what the premium segment can do. 

There is an overwhelming expectation among retailers for record sales figures for iphone 6 which surprised me. They say Diwali is about luxury spending and this Diwali is special. Must be Mr.Modi euphoria and all of them had unofficial posters offering to book an iPhone 6 or 6+ for money ranging from INR2000 to 5000 promising delivery on launch day itself!

The Official pre-order of iPhone 6 and iphone 6plus will begin this friday (10th oct) through Apple authorised outlets.

Go grab one. Its Diwali

iPhone 6 and iPhone6 plus - India release aiming for a Diwali Blockbuster

iPhone6 and iPhone 6 Plus : India sales from 17 October 2014 starts at Rs. 53,500

Super Phone

Apple is timing iPhone 6 and 6+India release with Diwali spending spree with launch scheduled for October 17. 

From market perspective, Diwali means gifting and it is about flaunting money, buying the costliest "just in" premium device is all that matters to the neo-rich while even the calculated and VFM buyer indulge in some luxury. That makes things easy for Apple in a country where it already has an "ultimate desire" appeal. 

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone6+ will be the "just in" premium label phone for Diwali making it the perfect and most desirable gift with a penthouse price to ensure that your gift, for yourself or your loved ones, sends out all the right signals and takes you to cloud9. 
Go grab one! 

You can worry about the EMIs and credit card dues once the diwali frenzy settles and start having an overspent hangover.

Sunday, October 5

The 47 Ronin tribute : limited production

"#Design has no master " :

The 47 Ronins limited production. 

When Harley-Davidson ceased the legendary Buell Motorcycles, a concept was born at Magpul. A custom Buell 1125, The Ronin: a samurai with no Lord. 
It was a minimalist masterpiece.

The 47 Ronin japanese legend and Buell without master inspired a limited production series of 47 bikes as a tribute.

The Ronin motorcycles company was set up with a singular purpose, rework Ronin Concept bike design for limited production and built them. Check out their video at

A unitised design and handcrafted production plan was chosen. Headlamps integrated to the forks, turn indicators merged into handlebars are class ideas. 

The 47 Ronins are being built one at a time, hand crafted, track tested and refined to excellence before it gets badged with the Number and Name of the Ronin. Each bike unique. 

The series starts from 47 to 1. first 12 Ronins comes at $38,000. The next 10 in pitch black color and the price moves upwards. 

The number 5 to 1 will be exclusive and for sure Ronin 1, will be among the most coveted Men's Toys. 

A Must have Dream Machine. 

More than my love for Minimalist design & Buell, the more significant reason for this post is that our own trusted Hero motorcycles is working with Buell for its re-entry into 250cc sports bike market in India.  It's Hero's last and only chance to reenter the premium bike category which it had created with Karizma. 

Buell currently exists as a small engineering company focused on race track superbikes. 

Saturday, October 4

The Navi Mumbai Butterfly : Urban Aesthetics

Ever since the exit of British, Art or simple aesthetics in urban infrastructure have never been a creteria in India

In Mumbai, urban beautification projects were about paving tiles and benches on seafronts and new contracts for flyovers saw ugly concrete curves n figures which had no function or appeal, including monorail n metro bridges. 

Our new Airport is an island of Art disconnected from the city. 

To my surprise and great delight, the reworked Navi Mumbai highway has bright a yellow butterfly skeletal design to support its four spoke street lamps. 

Those lines of butterfly street lamps just refreshed the otherwise grey dusty and bland highway. 

The yellow butterfly reflects everything Mumbai stands for, from its vibrance to sheer energy of Mumbaikars.

Mumbai n navi Mumbai needs an Urban Architecture theme and guidelines where aesthetics is intrinstic to the design that doesn't come at extra cost. 

That simple yellow butterfly must be our motif. A meaningful identity and first step towards aesthetic urban environments. 

If Brazil can, why can't we! 

#thoughts #mumbaimerijaan 

Friday, September 26

Scorpio 2014: The affordable SUV leaps a generation

The Scorpio next gen from Mahindra and Mahindra

From UV to UV+comfort to UV+comfort + 4x4 + AT, Scorpio was still UV deep inside. And It was time for a total redesign. 

Reborn: 2014 Scorpio Next Gen

The 2014 Scorpio is almost entirely a new model excluding the side door panels while it retains some features that connects with the older models. (Mahindra is still lazy at times or is it to keep that Scorpio feel intact)

Mahindra sought to go ahead and built a platform with help from specialist engineering shops and resulted in an all new Modern chassis suspension framework that meets international safety specs. 

For 2014 Scorpio, Mahindra chose to retain its m-hawk engine while mating it to a tweaked Xylo's gearbox, better tyres, wider and longer wheel base and some weight reduction. 

On the exterior, 2014 Scorpio as always, keeps its aggressive tall stance. But honestly speaking, the its front is an overworked mashup of.all recent SUVs, Sides remain almost unchanged and the rear is seems to be a puzzle for M&M. All together it still maintains its mean beast looks. Hope the projector lamps and DRLs are better than XUV 5OO

The interior is a whole different world. Mahindra has addressed all the negatives of previous model with a beautiful modern dash and console, some tech and good seats. But the rework did introduce a new set of niggles but bearable considering its a Scorpio.

The real change and the best thing is its ride quality. Gone are the wobbles, passengers tossed upon and the body roll. it now offers a near sedan like comfort on highways and  more adept on curves while retaining its original charector of taking on all type of terrain effortlessly. 

The Scorpio is now a true blood SUV. Moving up from being a UV dress-up. 

The 2014 Scorpio takes bad roads in a composed way, run that gravel or country trail at 50kmph without being tossed around, go 4x4 crossing the stream, run over the dunes, cruise the highway and take you back to work after that weekend adventure. 

To my disappointment, 4x4 is available only as optional extra, limited to s4 and s10 variants. 

It is a market reality that the Indian SUV concept is about having a huge UV or Truck stance with such intimidating looks that other cars will move aside giving you the right of passage. Much of the 20+ lakh SUVs never leave the Tarmac. Toyota even introduced a 4x2 soft variant of Fortuner upon customer feedback. 

2014 Scorpio next Gen will be the most affordable 7seater SUV* in Indian market and yet remain the most capable among them. 

*7 seater : its a compromise between in cabin luggage or seating. But Scorpio can take the 3rd row passengers better than many of the MPVs available on Indian market
Image courtesy :


Since the time Mahindra moved on from their soft top UVs based on the old Jeep, Scorpio has been their poster boy. Since the 2000's Scorpio has been the best seller UV and propelled M&M to the mainstream Car market. 

A fresh and successful rebranding strategy, the Mahindra Rise campaign, along with customer engagement programs and off-road events, Scorpio soon found favour among the off-road enthusiast city dweller. Thus came a range of tweaks and feature add ons, trying to meet both ends of the spectrum. 

By the last update which brought in the m-hawk engine, Scorpio became the best affordable SUV option and the first diesel 4x4 AT option. Feature add-ons were like after market job with electronics for newly added features being placed below the front seats. The engines did get better no serious effort was put on quality of make.

After initial spike in XUV500 sales, Scorpio returned to be the SUV of choice for its top end models from the new urban India. But, The Innova, Xylo lot offered a better highway people mover option carving out a part of Scorpio sales. The new set of faux MiniSUVs started to carve off a major chunk of Scorpio sales as a 4x2 soft roader and Scorpio now appeared ancient relic.