Friday, November 1

Thoughts on TATA motors


It's been long since it's much hyped Nano debuted to a disastrous opening and still continues with dismal numbers. 

Then came the hailed luxury crossover Aria which fell drop dead and the Storme fizzled into a feeble breeze. 

All this happening in the middle of breathtaking growth in both high end Crossover market and the middle level SUV market! 

All that makes you survive is your luck n courage in buying JLR

Caught the wrong side

1. Public perception 
TATA placing Nano as a poor man's car was the worst PR mistake any product company could make. Common even Rupa underwears are sold as something solid worn by superstars. Cars are still an aspirational buy for Indians and naturally Nano wouldn't fit in as none wanted to be branded poor man. 

2. Looks
TATA cars look horrible. For the exception of sumo Grande, and to an extent the Safari, all TATA cars look like tortoise! Common you aren't VW to manage selling Beetles. 

The vista, Manza, aria all are so horrible looking cars I wonder why even one car was sold 

3. Market timing 
TATA has been both unsuccessful in creating new product catogeries not have they been able to bring product upgrades at the right time. 

4. Sticking to early successes 
Only major success for TATA has been the Indica and Sumo. TATA hence since ages been sticking to that, adding boot , making it bigger, rebadging it as Vista ,Manza etc. for sumo , suprisingly they came with a good car in Sumo Grande but for reasons only known to them, never bothered to push it well. They ran with Safari (a beautiful design of 2000's) n still make them with no much difference and then launch an upgrade Storme with barely any visiual difference. 

Why are TATAs sticking to those design guys and marketing guys instead of hiring some new ones with better perspective ? Is it because of the renowned TATA employee welfare and empathy? 

Don't hire a consultant to see how you can remain afloat now. Those guys aren't any better than you doing a google search on product development n marketing. 

Hope Ahead 

TATA has already started trying to pitch nano to the young. Added a horizon next catch phrase but that barely changes anything 

Don't go for one car fits all uses concept.

1.  Make Nano bolder. Like your MegaPixel. Like a REVA or a shrunk Beat which would be easier. Make it jus 3 door with ample space for front passengers n a jump seat behind . That cuts costs too. Most current users of Nano are people who use it as second car. For those city traffic runs . Make Nano appealing to those who commute to office by car, n the young . Parents would be happier getting em a car than a bike but the young will be happy to take a Nano only if it looks the part. A 2 door bolder Nano with great seats and you have a city roads winner. 

2. Indica and Indigo are branded taxi cars . Very few would want to own a car that's also used as a cab. TATA is no Toyota. 
Make Vista and Manza bolder, boxy n less tortoise. Once my brother said looks like Mamza can float on water! 

3. Sumo does great as a utility vehicle. Rebrand SumoGrande with a facelift, it's the only TATA car with great road presence. Do it well and you have the Scorpio market. 

4. I hope Safari storme is a stop gap arrangement until your next SUV arrives. Or was it a product of failure of Aria. Please ensure its bold n not like a ballooned Indica. 

5. Make Aria dirt cheap to compete with likes of innova and evalia. That's the only future for Aria 

6. Shrink SumoGrande (not the way mahindra sliced of xylo) and you have a ready competitor for likes of Duster. 

7. Xenon is a looker. Shrink it and you get a Thar competitor. Infact a Gypsy sizes Xenon will appeal to both city and rural rich.

Bottom line 
When you get ready made high quality engines and transmission why are you spending your time and money on that. Spend your scarse resources on making a good looking car and on reliability. You had Fiat with you for engines. You still can lisence from them or others. 

Please make your cars look like your xenon and SumoGrande, not the Indica line of design and you can be back in business. Quality anyways will remain a challenge but much of it can be answered by sourcing major components bylicensing. 

It's always been a suprise how stunning your prototypes on car shows look like and how bad the ones on road are!  

Bring out that risk taking Bold TATA that took over JLR! Bring it on. We love to see you succeed ! 

Many magazines analysts and fans have written about this. I am just adding to it, more the noise more the chances of TATA listening to us