Tuesday, November 12

pro TLH: Learning iPhone HDR :3

pro TLH: Learning iPhone HDR :2
pro TLH: Learning iPhone HDR :1

HDR sunsets
In a normal case, the sunset leaves the remaining landscape with poor color or detail. If you tune your cell cam to make surrounding more clear then the image becomes bright and the sun doesn't look like its setting .

It's in such situations that iphone HDR comes handy. As it takes 3 pics at varied exposure and merges into one with best exposures, you will have a setting sun with a much visible background like below


iPhone normal

You can see that the lawn and surroundings are well exposed, just as I saw at that moment, in the HDR versions. In normal the picture came out with a correctly exposed sun but rest of the landscape was left out 

iPhone HDR

iPhone normal

Most profound impact is the color of sky . HDR managed to keep that orange hue , a bit foggy, just as I saw while taking the pic. But the normal ones added contrast and removed that real warm feeling into a clear yellowish sky. 

One lesson I have really learned is HDR is at its best when there are multiple colors and varied light at play. 

Next I need to check on how it works on buildings! 

Disclaimer : just an experience sharing post. Not a proffessional
Pics using iphone5 cropped only using  Snapseed