Tuesday, November 12

Disguised email marketing? Mahindra

The Surprise

Got this ShoppersStop first citizen email and to my surprise, it was a plain Mahindra XUV W4 marketing campaign.

I open mails from ShoppersStop as I am a regular there and love them and expected this to be some new win a car offer. 

It does make me a little annoyed and certainly dipped my impression of ShoppersStop,  which only used to send emails with relevant inhouse deals n offers. 

Here they don't sell anything Mahindra. its like they sold their mailing list for money.

Is this the new form of Emailmarketing in disguise? 

On the car

Now that mahindra is sure of can't catch up the run away success if Renault Duster n it's Nissan cousin with its sliced xylo aka quanto, they have come up with a cheaper XUV. 

Well that certainly makes more sense than a quanto! While priced a tad higher than Duster, XUV w4 is certainly a potent rival with lots of bells n whistles . 

Jus ask google for more XUV w4 info, just in case!