Friday, October 11

Thoughts On iPhone 5s 5c pricing set for a Diwali release

With latest inputs from Apple,  the iPhone 5s and 5c will debut in India just in time for Diwali! 

Well that's makes it an even more attractive gift than the already been in market samsung s4 and HTC One. 

Sony and samsung seems to have opted for navratri rather than battle it out with IPhone during Diwali Frency. 

So much similar to the way Bollywood producers unofficialy  adjust release dates to avoid split in eyeballs n interest as such. 

Given their history of releasing each new model at a price around the outgoing flagship, apple would be aiming at ₹45500 again but will that be possible given the currency rates?

A direct conversion of 5s unlocked US comes around 41k (cheaper than sticker price of 5 currently on sale in India ) and a  German one converted comes to 50k. It would be cheaper to ship to India than Germany for sure. 

What's interesting is how much it is willing to forego to penetrate Indian market in a big way. Or does it have any such intention at all.